04 September 2013

Introducing My Talented & Beautiful Niece, Jasmine

It would seem that we only produce geniuses in our family. Remember my dancer nephew Joel? He's now off in San Francisco at the Lines Ballet School, thanks in part to the support of you, my blog readers.
Now I want to introduce you to my gorgeous and clever niece, Jasmine and ask for your support again.
I hope you'll be suitably impressed with her talent, and place your vote for her at the AMP People's Choice Awards.

Jasmine is hoping to make it into University to study and be trained in design. Obviously study doesn't come cheap, and being the eldest of eight kids Jazz is going to need some outside help with tuition fees.

Sharing her genius here on my blog is one of the best ways I can offer this lovely girl my support.

Here's what Jazz has to say:
The reason I not only want, but need this scholarship, is because I am from a small town and the eldest child of eight children hoping to go off to Massey University in Wellington next year to pursue my dreams of becoming a world class internationally recognised designer.  
I'm hoping to use this scholarship to help me pay for my course at the College of Creative Arts. I am someone who hasn't had the money to buy expensive equipment and resources, so I have made the most of what I've had, and I know that if I was awarded a scholarship such as this, it would not go to waste.  
It would absolutely change my life forever and allow me to not only continue with my art, but to develop my skills further, have greater accessibility to resources I could not otherwise afford and  to step out into a bigger and better world.  
This is the link to my profile :)  
I do digital art, pencil drawings, oil paintings, water colour and acrylic paintings. I have done a few commissions involving digital portraits of people's children to help me set myself up for next year too. 
P.S . The AMP Peoples Choice Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship awarded to the person who gets the most votes. The applicant writes up a profile to show off what their "thing" is and then everyone votes for the person they support or the person whose profile they like :)

Today I have crawled off my sick bed to switch on my computer and put this request out there: If you haven't already voted in the AMP People's Choice Awards, would you please click the link and vote for Jazz?
THANKYOU, in advance, kind sir, kind madam, for helping a young artist fulfill her potential and realise her dream.


Here's just *some* of her work...

if you haven't already...

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