17 May 2009

Let the Fun Begin...

A milestone has been reached in our household: The First Tantrum by my little love, Scraggy. What the heck, he's only just turned 13 months old!

Not only is his tender age a shockingly early start for tanties, but he is also so darn adorable, sweet, lovable and kissable - not the kind of bubba you would ever think could be a tantrum-thrower of any prowess.

It all started with him getting hold of the phone. The real phone. He was walking around with it, holding it up (backwards) to his head, doing his bow-legged cowboy strut around the place. Occasionally pushing buttons. Very happy and pleased with himself.

I let it go on for a few minutes, then decided I better pry it away before he accidentally called Emergency Services.

Nothing prepares me for this sweet little boy's extreme reaction. He throws himself to the floor and his screaming I'm sure can be heard for miles. I try to calm him by distracting him with favourite toys - he throws them to the floor and continues wailing and flailing.

At this point it's kind of funny and just a little bit ridiculous. Ahhh, what the heck, let him use the phone, we have a PIN number on it...

Clouds part, sunshine returns. Happy child wandering through house babbling on the phone and pushing buttons... until responsible big brother comes across him and knows that little Scraggys shouldn't really have phones... and tries to take it from him.

Once again, we see cute baby flinging himself to the ground, banging his head and fire engine sirens let loose in our kitchen.

I decide, hey, better not set a precedent of caving to terrorist demands, so I decide to change tactics and hang tough. No phone for baby Scrag.

Big brother is distraught because the little guy is so upset; he tries to pacify, comfort and cuddle little brother. There is further flailing and flinging; toys are thrown, someone's face gets scratched in the process and big brother is reduced to tears. He is also now upset with mummy because I won't go and comfort/appease the toddler who is throwing the tantrum.

I try to explain that we can't give in to tantrums and we have to let him ride it out, and picking him up will only make him angrier... big brother is not impressed with these hands-off tactics.

Just then Daddy arrives home on his big white horse, and enquires about the fuss (which has now been going on for 25 minutes or so).

I explain, Oh it's just our first toddler tantrum.

Daddy laughs. Hey we've dealt with professional tantie-throwers before, he reminds me. We can handle this little guy.
He scoops up the red-faced amateur and blows his snotty nose. Just like that the tantrum is over.
That Scrag is such a daddy's boy.

So I guess my baby is now really a toddler. Boo Hoo. And it's just a case of the Terrible Twos slightly (like a whole YEAR) early!
When did your kids start throwing tantrums? Classic terrible twos or early starters like mine? Share your stories and help me feel better!

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Sophie said...


Cathy Brunskill said...

Hi Simone,
I have just read my first blog (other than my sons) Great blog.
Just to encourage you, all but 1 of my 8 started t2 very young. The good news is they were all over them by 2. Now for the other one... mmm He was a dream baby till he hit t2 late... and just grew out of them a year ago at the age of 17. So i say lucky you. Could be very good sign so long as you don't give into them.

Gail said...

As you know, my dear, both mine have a mind of their own, and have from a young age! Theo more sly!

Thanks for the Spotlight!
Keep an eye on the movies! Maybe on the next off-week from connect - not next, but the one after? Can't do this week.

Penny said...

25 minutes! That's impressive. Benjamin's only last a couple of minutes...for now at least

bethanyluchene said...

My little princess started throwing her tantrums early as well(around 12 months old and she was 2 months premature!), so I am hoping she will be over them by the time she turns 2. It is so hard to be strong in the face of them though cuz' she still is so darn cute and loveable adn kissable so it's scary she become at once so scary! :O)

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