27 May 2009


What is a champion?? Is it just the person who comes first in a race? Or does being a champion have something to do with having a winner's attitude? Determination? Stickability? Courage?

I think so. And I am so proud of my son, Dash, because in my eyes that kid is becoming a true champ.

This morning was the junior school cross-country race. I was requested/begged/ordered to be there to cheer on the sidelines. So there I was, chatting away to one of the mums and waiting for the racing to start, when another mother approached me, with a concerned look on her face...

"Oh, Simone, there you are. Is Dash OK? We tried to call you...!"

Huh???? My heart starts to beat faster, breathing becomes a little rapid... Has he been hurt? Was there an accident??

Sure enough, he is in the sick bay; he cracked his head on the corner of a table after tripping over in his excitement to get to the race. There was lots of blood, and potential for stitches...

I rushed to the office and there was my wounded soldier, patched up but looking glum.

He really wanted to race! The office lady said, oh well, if he really wants to...

Dash needed no second invitation. He was off out the door lining up with his buddies.

He started off near the front of the pack, but the best I was hoping for was for him to finish without too much drama.

I should have set my sights higher. Should have known my son is a very determined athlete.

When the bunch headed out of sight, Dash was sitting around 4th place.

When he reappeared and headed down the home straight he was coming in second!!! Eeeeeeehhhhhh! I was screaming my head off, "Go Dash! Go Dash!! Yeeeeessssss!!!!"

He placed 2nd! With a head injury! I am in awe. In my eyes he's a champ!

The little guy who won the race is also a champ in my book... he came over to Dash, shook his hand and said, "Well Done!" Impressive.

One of Dash's classmates hobbled in near to last place, crying and injured, having fallen badly. Dash went over to see if he was OK and we helped him to the office. Last year he placed really well and I think he was heartbroken at coming in nearly last. But I told him, wow, you finished the race! And you were injured! What a brave boy you are... you can be very proud of yourself.

He seemed to brighten up after the office lady and his teacher joined in praising him for his bravery in finishing. It would have been so easy for him to just give up. He was hurt and bleeding. But he kept going, limping to the end. To me that's a champion.

There's so much hope for our country with champions like these lads coming through! Their mummies can be very proud!

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meg said...

Well done Dash!

Gemz said...

yah go Dash!! that's awesome.

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