15 May 2009

Housework Woes

Here's a thought... I wouldn't mind housework if it just stayed done. I think my main objection to it is the almost absolute pointlessness of it. You clean the floor; ten minutes later the crumb fairies have been back, and your work is undone. You clean the toilet... 5 minutes later the weewee pixie has left a little present on the seat and if you don't look before you sit.... ugh!

Toys that you have gathered neatly into boxes magically reappear all over the floor as if they had always been there.

Cupboards and drawers that had been carefully sorted, within hours are once again bulging with items crammed and dumped any-old-how.

I mean, it's not the actual doing of the housework that gets to me. In a way it's kind of satisfying, therapeutic even. Shiny sinks, smear-free walls, plumped pillows... ahhhh yes. Satisfying.

It even works up a sweat; I can vacuum and call it exercise (I read that somewhere).

But darn it, as soon as the ravening hordes return from their rampaging elsewhere, it's as if I never did a thing.

Kids burst in the door shedding coats and shoes, bags and random bits of paper. Cupboards bang open, cereal crumbs and milk puddles scatter across the once-shiny bench; the kitchen floor which only seconds ago was crumb free is now a place you don't want to walk barefooted. The telly goes on, the games and toys come out, discarded clothes litter every bedroom floor...

Then hubby walks in and wonders what on earth I have been doing all day... Am I ever going to get off the computer for long enough to tidy up the place???

What the heck, I might as well have just been blogging!

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PaisleyJade said...

You crack me up... and it's so true - it's almost like torture! I just had to link to this post today!

Anonymous said...

Hehe...sounds just like my house.

Charitable Creations Jewelry said...

Sounds like me and my husband. Whenever he comes home he says "Still Blogging Huh?"

I'm following from the MBC Under 100 club!

Sophie said...

Yes, yes yes!!!! That is so what it is like!

Tammy said...

Simone, you know that I'm with you on this one, right? Keeping a house clean with children in it is like shoveling the sidewalk while it's still snowing. . .pointless! But, the way I look at is that someday when the kids are grown, then I can have my Better Homes and Garden house. Until then I'd rather be a mommy and a blogger, not a housekeeper!

Unknown said...

It's complete torture! When you are a SAHM like myself who has worked all her life my house is my job. So to watch as my two kids just destroy all my hard work is heart wrenching!

Cathy Brunskill said...

Yes Simone you put it so well. I say "the tides come back in" It takes about the same amount of time. I have struggled against it for 28 years now. But who can hold back the tide? I have been known to shed a few tears or do my bun. Which result is a low tide for a few days. But before long the spring tide is back again. On a positive note children who live in houses where they a free to leave a creative mess are usually learning, intelligent , creative and happy.

The wife of bold said...

I couldn't agree more. it sounds just like my house...a womens work is never done! I hate housework and try as i might i just can not keep on top of it, it is completely pointless.

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