12 May 2009

Change of Season

Seems, to me, my kids are always out of sync with the weather. They don't seem to feel the cold in winter, and then they put on their winter PJs in summer!

When Dash was three he was a huge Crocodile Hunter fan. He refused to wear long pants all winter, because "Steve wears shorts".

This morning I tried to convince him to put on his longs, he begged for his sports shorts (to play soccer in of course). When I wasn't looking he ran out the door and headed for the Walking School bus - at 7.50am! Just so I wouldn't make him take his shorts off.

Thankfully I heard the door slam and took off after him.
"Get back here!" I yelled across the street at his retreating, shorts-clad figure.
He heard, me but kept running (yes, he's called "Dash" for a reason!)

"Get back here or you won't watch the Newcastle game after school!" Ahhh, yes, helps to know their "hot buttons".
He meekly returned, I insisted he put on his longs and a warm jumper (did I mention he was wearing a soccer top with just a polyprop underneath?)

He left at 8.00am - still 15 minutes early, but at least he looked warm.

Then there's Princess. There have been legendary Wardrobe Wars in the past. Peace has reigned for quite some time in the Land of the Wardrobe, but with every new season there are border skirmishes.

Princess doesn't understand the concept of autumn, or cold weather or dress appropriately for the season.

She started to throw wobblers when I insisted on jumpers and bootlegs, jackets and tights, gumboots and socks. She wanted to head to kindy in her shorts and t-shirt.

In the end I had to revive my old methods - take everything prisoner, hold the clothes hostage until she gets the message. I cleared out every summer item of clothing from her drawers, bagged them up and she had no option but to dress warmly.

There were some tears at first, but now she is delighting to parade her warm clothing choices before me. "Look mummy, aren't I dressed warmly for kindy???" she asks proudly.

Hmmm. That may well be, but hidden underneath those warm layers is the t-shirt she earned back through good clothing choices.

I go to pick her up this afternoon and she comes skipping out to me, bare-armed. The teacher said at one point she was also barefooted, having ditched the gumboots until the teachers insisted she put them back on again (it's been a chilly 10oC lately).

Oh well. We'll get there I guess. Probably just in time for spring when the change-of-season fun will start all over again...

Do you have this issue, or it is just me??

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Deb said...

My kids are the same way...and one is 12! If they can sneak past me in my morning panic, then they are off without sweaters, jackets, sunscreen, maybe even brushing their teeth. I feel like the mom police when it comes to season appropriate fashion.

I think this is the lament of many a mom. When I taught preschool, this little boy refused to wear mittens. My team teacher and I finally let him go out into the snow--believe me, he was back in about 20 seconds putting on those mittens! We never had a problem again.

Cathy Brunskill said...

Try a 16 year old who insists on leaving the house with no shoes and a singlet top on! I have introduced a new rule. The car doesn't move till everyone at least has shoes and a long sleeve top on. I just let it happen last year but we keep on getting sick and I have had enough!

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