10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I was spoilt today. Snuggled and covered in sweet soft kisses from my three favourite little people; overwhelmed with treasures secretly drawn and notes written unaided in a childish hand.

I received breakfast in bed, brought on a tray... a delicious treat prepared by my fab husband (bless him). Stories were told of adventures and mishaps that went into finding me gifts; things didn't go all to plan but in the end I was presented with carefully thought out items that represented the hearts of the givers.

This was the first Mothers Day where the kids have really gotten into it and the gifts and cards have come more from them, with just a nudge from daddy.

One of my favourite parts of the day was how my daughter was stuck to me like glue, whispering "I love you so much...!" in my ear and really wanting to make my day special. She sat with me while I ate my special feast; we snuggled and took photos of each other, enjoying each other's company.

And then tonight Dash unexpectedly wriggled into my arms as I lay on the couch, and whispered in my ear, "Happy Mothers Day, mum!" and gave me a great big kiss. Out of the Blue.


With all the warm fuzzies flying round, I thought I'd write a list of my favourite things about being a mum...
  • The sweet kisses
  • The morning snuggles
  • The feeling of soft little arms around my neck, and velvet cheeks on mine
  • Whispered secrets
  • Silly dancing and other random stupidity
  • Listening in to their conversations with each other (hilarious!)
  • Observing their unprompted kindness and generosity towards others
  • Knowing that I have so many things to look forward to in life: watching these precious children develop into wonderful human beings
Happy Mothers Day to you. I hope you were blessed today... you deserve it!

What are your favourite things about being a mother?

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meg said...

I love being able to calm them with a cuddle, to feel their warm wee cheeks against mine, to watch them growing into confident and kind boys. My day was sweet too, although I did more laundry and cooking than the zero I had planned.

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful photos! I love special little pictures and letters, cuddles, thankyou's out of the blue for dinner and other things, and the waves and greetings when they see me after school!

Rebecca said...

Aww thats so sweet...I love the photos too, you are glowing with happiness :) What a gorgeous family! Love to you all xox

Gail said...

Oh Simone - what a lovely Mothers day! You are so worthy of all those good things and more! Your children are so blessed to have a mum like you!

Gail said...

Hey thanks friend - right back at you too! I think I've sorted the comments thing out. So weird!

Rae Ann said...

That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day! Reading about yours was a balm for mine.

Fave mom stuff: sloppy kisses, reading with kiddos in my lap, unabashed hand holding.

Lala said...

Happy Mothers day simone! looks like you had a good one!

shelley said...

hi simone,
what a beautiful family picture! i'm glad you were able to enjoy your day with your family. hold onto those pictures made with those sweet little hands, the time goes by much to quick... in a heartbeat!
hugs to you!
ps thanks so much for stopping by my blog! stop by and say "hi" anytime!

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