08 March 2010

Dear "Gym Guy"...

First of all let me say that I think it's really great that you are on the "Pep Squad" especially at your age (70? 75?) Your helpful advice about my rowing machine technique and offer of assistance with back exercises was very kind... hey you are a cool old guy.

I couldn't help overhearing your conversation with the lady on the exercycle next to mine this morning - I mean, you were talking pretty loud.

And it made me sad - a bit mad - but mostly really sad.

When you ridiculed people who believe that God actually made the world, when you called into question their intelligence in not swallowing evolution as the Gospel Truth... OK, well that made me a little mad. I have to admit I was a bit insulted; after all I am one of those people. And I think I'm a pretty intelligent person.

When you said you get cross if you hear people refer to the world as "God's Creation" - well!

But the bit that really got to me was when you said how ridiculous it is to believe in the supernatural, but that you still go to church because you like the company... that made me really sad.

Sad because the supernatural is all around you, and yet here you are in the closing chapters of your life, and you've never experienced it. Not one miracle? Not one unexplainable event? Not one whisper of the peace that passes understanding?

That's so sad! How can it be that you have been going to church all your life and never once felt God's presence? Never known that tingle that rushes over you at the wonder of God's creation... the miracle of a new baby... the glory of a majestic sunset...?

I see God's fingerprints everywhere, but you have walked through your whole long life believing that what you see is what you get.
There's so much more!

I won't argue the science with you because I know I don't know much - though I will say that whichever process God used to create this universe, He must have carefully designed it (because it is so finely balanced and intricate it must have been planned that way).

And I do know that without the supernatural whisper of God in my life, I would have been lost. I've known "the peace the passes understanding" washing over me in the midst of a crisis. I've felt the indescribable joy that comes when I've had a brush with the unexplainable.

You can't explain it away. With all your science you couldn't convince me that my God is not real, alive, amazing and infinite. Through all the ups and downs of life, I have become more and more convinced that He really is Love. All that is Good, all that is Beauty, all that is Love - those are His echoes.

I'm so sad that you can't see it. I'm sad that you sit in church week after week, listening to words you don't believe through force of habit (and because maybe you are lonely?) but you have never felt His touch, His whisper, His peace.

So I will pray for you. I'll pray that the knowledge you arm yourself with will not be able to withstand the overpowering goodness of Your Creator. I'll pray that His Love will find a chink in your armour, that His peace will flood your heart and you'll know He is real, in spite of all your well-thought-out arguments.

Love from
The Girl on the Bike Next to Yours

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Amy said...

Exquisite words and images Simoney. Lucky for Gym Guy, he has you, huffing and puffing next to him, praying for his salvation. What an incredibly unexpected ministry! Go Girl! ps, so proud of you being a gym bunny ;)

Widge said...

beautifully written Simoney. I was thinking the same as Amy how AMAZINGLY COOL it is that he happens to be there next to you at the gym of all places! We bloggy girls should all gang up and pray for this bicycle man...keep us posted! things like this get me excited!!

Gail said...

Awesome! Very, very cool.

Jen said...

so beautifully written and I want to pray with you for that poor man

and Im also wondering what church he goes to that he has missed out on all the wonder and blessings God has to offer us here

kestrel said...

Beautiful images to go with the words.. not all are believers> Every one has had miracles happen to them, but some are just too busy to see. If he does go to church, i am pretty sure he will find God one day

myletterstoemily said...

thank you for encouraging all of
us who get beaten down a bit by
the politically correct theology.

i want a big God who creates, loves,
heals, and forgives.

you helped make Him a bit bigger
for those of us who are meeker.


Sophie said...

It IS very sad...Hope you get to tell him all that one day.

Unknown said...

Beautifully said Simone. I feel sorry for people like this too. Keep praying for this lost man... "But God". THe Holy Spirit can permeate his hard heart.

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