10 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday: This Little Scrag

(to the tune of This Little Piggy)

This little Scrag went to beddy-byes

This little Scrag wanted out

This little Scrag threw his stuff down

This little Scrag had fun

And this little Scrag shouted "mum mum mum mum"...

...all night long!

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Gail said...


PaisleyJade said...

Oh dear - was just talking to another mum yesterday who's kid keeps chucking the mattress out of his cot!

p.s. he's still so cute even when he's naughty!!

Sophie said...

what a tinker! But a cute one!

myletterstoemily said...

how funny and so cute!

you are so smart to see
the humor.

that darling little guy won't
always stay in a crib. :(

Widge said...

wow he must be a strong wee man! his blog name should be Bam-bam ;)

Meeks said...

oh my! what a strong boy! We know what he'll be doing once he figures out how to climb over! (yes, I am speaking from experience...my boy is known as houdini!)

Weza said...

oh dear!

Melinda said...

Awww... I miss those days. It could have been worse. I remember one day finding my son in the crib. He had taken his diaper off and smeared its contents all over the wall and himself. I find your little guy's antics a lot more amusing! ;0)

Violetstone said...

Hi, found your blog on mums blog club. Nice to meet a Kiwi. I'm a yank by breeding but a brit by upbringing. Used to have kiwi friends but they all went back to the motherland. Cute and funny kids, mine are much older now and sometimes I miss those early years, not that often mind you. Lol

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