15 May 2010

All About Me

I updated my "about me" page... in case you missed it here's All About Me...

Hi and Welcome to my little corner of the World. I'm so very glad you dropped by.
I thought I should introduce myself properly...

My Name: Simone
It's pronounced Simonne  as in "on", not Simoane as in "moan". You can call me Simoney (like they do in Scotland, which is my blog name), or Monnie (as some of my friends do). My husband calls me Babe.

Where I'm From: Auckland, New Zealand
For those of you geographically challenged types, that's down near Australia in the South Pacific. My home town is Auckland, a city of a million people - quarter of New Zealand's entire population!
We live in the leafy suburb of Mt Albert in a 1920's bungalow which I love. You can read more about my lovely slice of paradise here...

Being from Downunder, I might use some different words for things. If you're confused about some of my Kiwi-isms, then click my Guide to Kiwi Speak for a Kiwi-ese dictionary. (Kiwi's are how we New Zealanders refer to ourselves; just in case you thought I was meaning the fuzzy brown Fruit. Or the flightless Bird.)

My Family: Mr G (hubby), Dash (7), Miss Fab (5) and Scrag (2)

This crazy bunch of party-mad lunatics are quite often the focus of my writing. They are a bunch of energetic extroverts, never short on an opinion or two, all with minds of their own, which makes for plenty of fun'n'games, if you know what I mean?? There are no nerd-librarian-types in our family (apart from me). I am alone in my nerdy-ness. Although I am working on cultivating a love of books and art into at least a couple of my outgoing offspring. To read more about that lot click Meet the Family.

Note: "Dash", "Miss Fab" and "Scrag" are not their real names. But they are called those nicknames from time to time. Real Names have been changed to protect the guilty!

My Interests:
READING: I can chew through a thick novel in two days... or if it's a really good one I'll sometimes pull an all-nighter (but not very often these days).

WRITING: A re-discovered child-hood passion. I'm working on co-writing a book with a friend of mine.

BLOGGING: I think I may be a blog addict. I'm thinking of starting up a 12-Step Programme online called Bloggers Anonymous. (Nah, not really).

PLANNING KIDS PARTIES: My husband thinks I'm out of control. I think I'm creating great memories and using my creativity...

PHOTO-SHOPPING: I love messing around in Photoshop. I have no qualifications, I'm totally self-taught. I designed a bunch of kids birthday party invitations and stuck them on this website so people can print them off and use them for free. I'm nice like that.

PHOTO-TAKING: Different from Photography, in that I lack skill and a fancy camera... but I photograph anything and everything. My family call me a snap-happy tourist (actually they call me a Japanese tourist but I thought that was a bit un-PC).

COFFEE: One of my favourite things is going to a cafe with a good friend or two. Always gives me a boost. Especially if it also involves Cake.

TRAVEL: Nothing better than getting stamps in your passport, even with kids in tow. Places visited so far: Australia, Canada, USA (California), England, Scotland, France, Italy, Malaysia, Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga & Mauritius...

THE GYM (not!): I joined the gym recently and I am attempting to go regularly in the faint hope of holding back the tides of time. I turned 40 in November 2009 (gasp) and as a naturally lazy couch-potato I figured if I didn't do something pretty soon they might eventually need a crane to hoist me out of the house. But seriously, with my energetic bunch, if I don't get fit I'll be left behind!
I can't say I enjoy exercise (yet). Or that I do enough. Or that I am seeing any amazing results. I think I like food too much. Sigh.

Pet Peeves:
Housework... oh the pointlessness of it all.
Housework... I am not a housewife! I am a full-time mother. There's a difference! Really!
Housework... seriously, the sooner they invent robot cleaners the better!
What I blog about:
Honest to goodness real-life.
The joys and pitfalls of mothering. Things that make me laugh, or that make me cry. I share creative ideas I think will help make others' lives easier or more fun. I share my thoughts on soul stuff. I sometimes share about Living with Depression. If you really want to understand me, read My Journey.

What I don't blog about:
This is not a product review blog. I do not receive payment for recommending stuff. If I recommend something to you, it's because I like it and think you might too. I also don't do very many giveaways. If I do, it's because I want to bless you. I blog because I love to write, and share ideas, and connect with others. That's it. :)

My Beliefs:

I'm a Christian. An often-struggling one, but very definitely a committed one. Basically I am thankful to God for never giving up on me through my long and winding road; thankful for the blessings he has brought into my life, and aware that were it not for him, I would not be here.
I don't use my blog as a soap box or pulpit. I won't hard-core preach to you. But if things move me, or I have an insight or thought that I think would encourage you, I will share it here. My relationship to God is what you might call, "defining". It's the most important thing in my life.
Contact: greatfun4kids@live.com

I love to "meet" my readers and get feedback from you. Like every other blogger, comments make my day. And I always try to reply or visit you back. So leave me a comment OK? It's not hard. You don't even have to have a blog, just leave your name (and email if you want a reply!)
Or you can email me. Especially if something I've shared here touches you, or relates to your situation.
I've made many dear friends that way. Some I've even got to meet in real life. But I won't know you've been if you don't say hi... so drop me a line.
I look forward to meeting you!

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alicia said...

Wow. Very inspirational "about me" page. Ya wanna come over and do mine? I could use some pzazz. So jealous of all your stamps in that passport. And thanks for the free cards. Wish I'd had those a year ago when I was trying to whip some up.


Gail said...

Very cool synopsis of you here!

Other things to throw in here:

Simone is a great friend. Available, encouraging, insightful, honest, generous and real. You are blessed if you get an drop of "simone" in your life.
As a couple, Simone and Mr G are like magnets - they attract people with their warthm and hospitality. They are carers and sharers. And as parents they are devoted to bringing out the best in their kids.


Gail said...

My spelling and grammer? grammar? are appalling.

A Life Less Complicated said...

Great post - I'm terrible when it comes to writing about myself! We often drive through Mt Albert - it seems like a very nice suburb.

And so nice of Gail to add a few attributes to the list ;)

PaisleyJade said...

Was great to re-read your 'about' page, although I knew it all being your 'sis' and all. ha ha. Can't believe you've traveled to all of those places - I haven't even been on a plane yet!

Weza said...

Great info Simone, I learnt some stuff about you. I love your posts lately. You defiantly have a gift. So glad you are using it. xxx

Brigitte said...

AWESOME profile! So informative and fun!!
I love your honesty in your posts - very refreshing and very well written. You certainly have a gift there!
Love what Gail contributed also - those lovely words should be read to one's self everyday :-)

hope said...

i love it -- glad you wrote it, glad i read it. i knew i liked you. ;-)

have a super weekend!

Widge said...

oh dear I have always pronounced your name wrong in my head!! even calling you simoooooany (so sorry about that one!!) haha glad you told us before we meet face to face. It's a subject dear to my heart because my daughters name is always mis pro nounced by the kiwi accent.
loved this post Simone! got to know you all that bit better :)

Meeks said...

Awesome about page!! I like all the photos that go along with the different segments. Great info!
I just checked out your invitation blog, gosh...you are talented in so many different areas!

Tylaine said...

Nice to get to know you better Simoney! :) You sure live in a beautiful place and I am jealous of that traveling repetoire! :)
You have a beautiful family! :)

Shell said...

I'm glad that I stopped by today, when I could read this!

I'm impressed with all your travelling. The thought of travel with my kids sends me into a panic.

I'm the lone nerdy type in my family, too.

myletterstoemily said...

i'm afraid i comment TOO much, but having
been where you are, i can relate to your busy

Sophie said...

Niiiiiice! :)

Laura said...

I am totally going to call you BABE.

Jen said...

I enjoy reading your blog
and I love the look of your house
older houses have so much character

Natasha in Oz said...

This was a fabulous way to get to know you a bit better! I am so glad you posted this!

Best wishes for a great week,

Anonymous said...

yup...just as I thought
you're lovely!!!

Stesha said...

Your "About Me" page makes mine look like a total failure. But it's okay, because you rock. And you're 40?! Move over Demi...there's a new hot chick in town.

Hugs and Mocha,

Ann Kroeker said...

Nice to get to know you a little--your pictures sure make life in New Zealand look like a blast, and I'm interested in your cute bungalow. I think I'll visit your other link and explore....

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Great about page! You make me think I need to work on one! Mine is pretty nonexistant! You have certainly been to a lot of places! Wow!

Anabella said...

Love your new "about me" page!! Places you didn't visit and you have to: Spain!! I'm in Málaga (the best place for a vacation ever). You have to come here!! We couls even meet!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you....in a tired, low-ish moment, I found myself here, bouyed up by your posts, your courage and your honesty, so thank you :-)

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