09 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day to Me

I became aware of murmurings and whisperings early this morning. The whispers went, "Ssshhhh! Let mummy sleep. It's Mothers Day, remember..."

Bless the hubby. I was woken up later at 8.30am with coffee and crumpets on a tray. Thanks babe.

Then came the cards. Written out by the children themselves. How sweet that daddy doesn't have to write them with his left hand anymore, now that I have two big kids at school.

Mind you, if you try to decipher this:

...you may have some difficulty. And no, that's not his left hand.
It was a collaboration, written with the rhyming styles of Miss Fab and Daddy. What it says is:
Mummy your brill
We think your cool
We tell everyone
even when @ school
We know your the best
and that much is true
There's no-one as great
quite like you :)

And it came together with a Voucher. A beauty Voucher for a "Rescue Me" package.

"Because you've been looking a little run down lately..." Er, thanks??!!!

No but seriously. He's right. I need rescuing. My hair hasn't been cut since 2009. I can't even remember which month. I don't even like long hair! It's so bushy and thick that my GHDs make no impression. Yes, it's that bad.

My skin, don't get me started. Shouldn't I have left spots behind with my teenage years?? Yeah, right.
Then there's the streak of wisdom which has pleasantly appeared at each temple. Goes to show it's a while since I've gotten around to colouring (note to self: add Nice'n'Easy to shopping list)

And the gym... well, lets just say that I must not be working hard enough. Or else I'm not going enough. Or I'm giving into my sugar cravings too often. There is no discernable change in my body. The scales remain steady. The jelly belly still resembles a 4-month pregnancy, the butt cheeks resemble cottage cheese. Sorry - too much information?

I won't even mention the fact  that I am out of razor blades. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

So, yes, I've been looking a little run down. And a Rescue Me package sounds nice.
Mostly because it comes with an afternoon of me-time. Just me and whoever the beauty therapist is. I hope she's not chatty.

I do so love my family. I mean look at them.
They interrupted their activities to smile at the camera for me...

Watching Sky TV...
Playing Playstation soccer...

Raiding my makeup...
Raiding my makeup!! No wonder I'm having to scrape out the dregs to plaster over my spotty face! Doesn't help with the whole "looking run down" thing.

So anyway, the day is nearly at an end and it'll be back to getting my own cup of tea again tomorrow.

I shouldn't be feeling so blah, because I have a lot to be thankful for. I mean, I just watched NieNie's YouTube clip again. She looks like such a beautiful person. I'm wondering if I would come through something like that with such grace?? Would I have enough inner beauty shining through that even my scars would look dazzling? She puts me to shame.

Oh man, now I'm feeling like a need an inner Rescue-Me package as well. An attitude overhaul. Shame on me. I'm kinda hoping that my blues are hormonal (could explain the spots?) otherwise I have no excuse.

Happy Mothers Day to Me. And to you. I hope you had a good one.

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PaisleyJade said...

Happy Mother's Day Simone - to an awesome mum who is an inspiration to us all!!

Love the pics and the cute cards!!

alicia said...

You are too funny. I hope you enjoy your day of pampering. Sounds like you've earned it.

alicia @ a beautiful mess

GypsyFox said...

Happy Mother's day to you! the cards are adorable & I love the pics, reminds me of my family so much! :) xoxo

Sweetpea4kids said...

Happy mothers day. Sounds like your having a fabulous day already.

Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day
and bless your family

Anonymous said...

beautiful post Moni :) happy mothers day friend love ya heaps xx Cee

Natasha in Oz said...

Looks like you had a fun day and how wonderful to get lots of pampering as a present! I had a lovely day too...completely spoiled and deliriously happy I am!

Best wishes and I will be thinking of you as I make my own tea tomorrow too!

Stesha said...

Ah, Simone you received some lovely gifts. The cards were the best. I love it when my children gift me with their own original art and poetry. So sweet!

Take full advantage of your "Resuce Me" Package. Enjoy it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Hugs and Mocha,

Unknown said...

Gorgeous as usual! You find a way to make us have a little giggle with every post.x

Gail said...

Haha. Great post! the rescue package sounds fabulous!! Enjoy!

Brigitte said...

Awww LOVE the idea of a Rescue Package! Hope you get to feel thoroughly pampered and and come back feeling relaxed and revitalised. Love the Mother's Day cards from your children also, very precious.

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