26 May 2010

KidsClick Results

Next Week's Theme: "YUCK!" (link up here)

Our first KidsClick linky photo competition for kids was a success. By that I mean that I actually had some entries. I was worried for a little bit - kept seeing that little Linky Message at the bottom of the post: "0 ENTRIES" for a couple of days.

But then one by one the kids got clicking and started joining in, and we ended up with twelve links on the theme of "I LOVE..."  Not a bad start!

Apparently the kids had lots of fun  doing it - which is the whole point after all!
We actually have two winners - I let my kids pick one each. There was no way I'd get them to agree on one best photo. Especially when it was hard enough picking just one! It was close I tell ya.

Now lets dim the lights and get to the results....

Winner #1
Miss Fab was first up. She looked carefully at all the entries. "Oooh! The mouse! Oooh! The baby! Ooo those girly things, those are cool...The dog! The dog!"

Pick one, I told her. So after much deliberation she came up with:

Mouse in the Window, by Master Jay, aged 10 ( from PaisleyJade)

A worthy choice and one of my favourites too - such a great photo, as well as cute!
Congratulations, Master Jay. You get to pick next week's winner!

For Honourable Mention, Miss Fab's next favourite was
My Baby Sister, by Charlotte aged 6 (from Chez Lee).
A beautiful photo of your sister, Charlotte. Well done!

Winner #2
Dash managed to drag himself away from watching football to check out the entries. He was impressed, but unlike Miss Fab, he knew his choice almost immediately.

Basketball, by Aiden, aged 7  (from Our Perspective)

A great choice! I loved this image.
Aiden cleverly got his dad to shoot hoops while he took photos.
So Aiden... you also get to pick a winner next week!

Won't it be funny if Jay and Aiden both pick the same one?? It could happen! (Email me your favourite on Tuesday Night, guys OK? greatfun4kids@live.com)

For Honourable Mention, Dash picked his next favourite:
My Bedroom by Elijah, aged 3 (from Reclaiming Me).
Dash said he thought it was a really cool bedroom with cool stuff.
He liked it a lot and couldn't believe that Elijah is only three years old.
Keep on clicking Elijah! Well done :)

Next Week's Theme is: "YUCK!"

  • Photos can be cropped but not edited in other ways.
  • Kids must be aged younger than 15 years old.
  • Please indicate your child's age along with their photo, e.g. "Taken by Bobby, age 6" etc
  • If more than one of your kids wants to join in, that's great. Just make sure you label your photos so we know whose is who!
  • Link up to your KidsClick post, not just your blog (so we can find it easily)
  • Leave me a comment letting me know you've linked up!
Anyone can join in so spread the word.

Competition extended! You have until TUESDAY AFTERNOON 8th JUNE to link up HERE.

Get clicking kids! Find us something really yucky!

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Anonymous said...

I am really excited that you picked me
and I can't wait to pick the next person
thanks Dash!!!
from Aiden

A Life Less Complicated said...

This one could be interesting! I've told Elijah his assignment this week is to photograph something yuck - I asked what he thought was yuck and he said scraps - so do not be surprised if you get a photo of the compost bin lol

And I just read your comment out to him, his reply 'I know, I will keep clicking' very matter of fact he is!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - how cool! J is super stoked!!!

Emily said...

What a fun idea! I'm going to get my daughter involved! Thanks!

Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

OOOooooo I think I'll let my two enter this one! :) Great idea!! Our storms are gone here - do you still have a lot?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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