17 May 2010

KidsClick - Kids Photo Competition

Here it is. The linky meme I promised to get your kids out there taking photos.

Miss Fab: "Something Alive"
How it will work:
  1. Get your kid(s) to take a photo on the theme of the week.
  2. Post it on your blog (just one photo each) with the rules and this link.
  3. Link up here (link to the post not just your blog so we can find it easily)
  4. The winner will get to choose the next theme and pick the next winner.
This weeks theme is "I LOVE...."

A few little rules:
    Dash: "Something Beautiful"
  • Photos can be cropped but not edited in other ways.
  • "Kids" must be aged younger than 15 years old.
  • Please indicate your child's age along with their photo, e.g. "Taken by Bobby, age 6" etc
  • If more than one of your kids wants to join in, that's great. Just make sure you label your photos so we know whose is who!
Anyone can join so spread the word. (Right-click the button to save it, then use it on your post)

My kids will pick the first winner, which will be posted next Monday.
(Dash's "Something Beautiful" came 1st equal with Miss Fab's "Something Alive" in our test run.)

Have fun and get your kids clicking!

Link up here...

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Natasha in Oz said...

This is such a fabulous idea. My son was out taking pictures yesterday of my hibiscus flower! I am doing some substitute teaching today but as soon as I get home I will link up! What fun!!!

Best wishes,

A Life Less Complicated said...

oh that's such a great idea - I often give Elijah the camera and say go! Better go charge those batteries I guess and come back with an entry! :D

alicia said...

Sorry my kids are only 8 and 10. But my 10 yr old does love to snap photos.

Simoney said...

I've changed the wording in case there was any confusion... kids must be aged younger than 15 years old. in other words 14 and under. Ages 8&10 are perfect! Hey, I don't care if your kids are 2 or 3??!! As long as they are not any older than 14, it's all good. :)

Sammy said...

What a great idea Simoney- love it!!!

Natasha in Oz said...

Ok, I am very late but I have finally linked up! Thanks for having us.

Best wishes,

Sophie said...

oooh am going to get the girls to join in but they're in bed so will have to do it tomorrow am. Hope I don't forget!!!!

Lyns said...

Fun idea!!

Catching the Magic said...

Fab idea! Think our entry is too late for this week, but shall throw it into the mix for the fun of it - both my gals love to click! Yah for a digital world and no expense of film :) - though it was kind of mysterious and magical in its day!

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