10 May 2010


Mr G likes me to post up photos of Saturdays football matches, so Grandma and everyone in England can see how well the team is doing under his leadership ("Hi Grandma" *waves*)

Here are father and son walking back from their third undefeated game.
Here are the awesome defence and mid-field players in action. The guy in the green and white stripe shirt? He didn't have that ball for long.

We have played three games, and won all three. We haven't been scored against once. The stats speak for themselves: 3-0, 2-0, 3-0, all to us.

(Note how I am saying "we" like I have something to do with it??)

And the praise that is being heaped upon my husband, the "firm but fair" coach!
The dads say, "Oh the kids just love their coach!"
The mothers can't believe how exciting Saturday morning football is when you're winning. I'm guessing this is a new experience for them?? They must be used to being on teams that lose a lot?
They are jumping up and down, losing their voices as they cheer on the kids.
"Ooooh! It's too exciting! I'm almost peeing my pants!" said one of them. Sorry - too much information?

The players get subbed on and off, resting and watering, then getting back out there again. They jump up and down on the sidelines... "Me next? Can I go back on??"
Coach Dad tries to make sure everyone gets a fair run. He is working out his players' strengths and getting them to play in positions. The kids are learning to play a strategic game.
The girls are really giving it their all. Look at this little thing. Did she cry when she got tackled? Nope. Up she got and carried on.

See, look at them go. Nobody's standing still. They are all giving it 100%. And that's all Coach Dad asks for. The Ref has to run to keep up.
This is the magnetic game board. Coach Dad uses it at half-time to show the kids where he wants them. Hardcore, eh?
"Right, son, get out there and score some more goals!"
"OK dad, sure, why not??"

Coach Dad is unavoidably detained this coming Saturday (a work thing he just can't get out of). He is tossing and turning trying to think of a way to be there, but it looks like he'll have to get someone to stand in for him. I am hoping that whichever dad steps up can pull out of the kids what Coach Dad manages to.
Focus. Commitment. Teamwork. 100%.

PS: Dash still sleeps with his little gold trophy daddy gave him. Bless!

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Gail said...
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Widge said...
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Simoney said...

OK these two comments might not make much sense now, because these two friends of mine read the ORIGINAL version of this post which was kind of depressing and a bit negative (like "oh woe is me, I am like the team who is defeated, losing all the time") etc. It was not good. I have changed it and just given you rundown on the match. Sorry for any confusion!

Sammy said...

Hehe, I wondered what on earth they were referring to and reread your post a couple of times. I put it down to pregnant brain eventually...!
I wanted to say that i LOVE the magnetic game board. So very Mr G!!!
P.S. Still giggling!

Natasha in Oz said...

Ok, all makes sense now!

I wanted to say that I love the magentiic board too-I will have to show that to the coach in our house too!

Best wishes,

PaisleyJade said...

Oh man - I always miss the pre-edited versions! Loving seeing how the team is going - and that magnetic game thingy bob is so cool.

Lizzie said...

Delightful photo journal! Your relatives must love it.

alicia said...

Too funny. I think that is the exact uniform we bought our son when we were in England several years ago. It doesn't fit anymore. We don't have such cool uniforms at game. Lol.

KNB said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! My husband coached my son's soccer team one year, and alas, to his chagrin, my son just sort of stood dazed and confused on the field week after week. When he coached my daughter's team? Same result. My poor husband still plays soccer twice a week, so he is a bit out of sorts over the fact that neither of his kiddos wants to join in.


Anonymous said...

hi from SITS! you have a beautiful family and it's wonderful the way your son looks up to his dad!

mr G said...

behind every good man is a very good woman

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