21 May 2010

Hat Trick

Do you know what a hat-trick is?? It has absolutely nothing to do with hats. It's three of something. Three wickets. Three medals. Three goals.

Guess who got a hat trick of goals last week?? (If you guessed Dash, you'd be right)

And guess who finally got awarded Player of the Day? (Again, the correct answer is Dash)

It was a ripper of a game (that means really really good). We remain undefeated and unscored-against; the score this week, 4-0 to us. Three of those goals were my son's. Three spectacular, splendiforous goals.

Tomorrow's game is in doubt. It's been raining here since last night without let-up. Rain on the roof while lying cosy in bed is one of my favourite things in life. Rain down the back of my neck and wet feet from running chores is not. Lucky I have a lovely neighbour to take my kids to school on wet days. Gotta love good neighbours!

So as I was saying, tomorrow's game is in doubt. Rain, wet grounds, fields closed... blah blah blah. Who'd have ever believed that I'd feel disappointed at missing out on getting up early to watch football (a.k.a. soccer) on a Saturday morning? Anyone who knew me in my pre-Mr G days would fall off their chairs laughing at that one.

I was completely ignorant of everything relating to football when I started dating sporty Mr G (eeeeh, just look at his floppy blond hair). I remember watching him play for the first time, admiring his muscley legs and tight buns in those little shorts...

His team did badly. They lost 8-0, with me watching. Mr G was ropable, embarrassed, mortified that I had witnessed their awful defeat when he wanted to impress me. I honestly didn't care, I just thought he was lovely.

But I was confused when he asked me to collect the strips for washing... strips?? I imagined bits of cloth that people tied on their wrists for bandages... or to show team colours... but I couldn't see any of those. Duh! It's the t-shirts silly! Football uniforms are called strips!

Oh, er, right.

After that I could talk about "nice strips" with the best of them.

I stopped watching Mr G's football games early in our marriage, after I got hit in the face with a stray ball while cheering on the sideline. Oh, the pain of having my sunglasses smashed into my face. The embarrassment of crying in front of his teammates. The inconvenience of a fat lip...

I managed to steer clear of football until... until I gave birth to a football-mad kid.

When Dash started showing sporty qualities like his dadda, I inwardly grimaced at the idea of spending my Saturday mornings standing on the sidelines in all weathers. I told myself, that'll be daddy's job to take the boy to his football matches.

I hadn't reckoned on how absolutely thrilling it is to watch your kid do what they were born to do. Watching him fly up the sideline, dodging opposition players, booting the ball sweetly into the net... what else would I rather do on a Saturday than watch that?

See what motherhood does to us? It turns us into unlikely football fans with an unasked-for knowledge of the English Premier League Club standings, endless player names and likely teams for relegation or promotion.

I still have no idea how the offside rule works. But I can shout at the Ref with the best of them. Go the Magpies!

PS: Check out Mr G, circa 1983. Look like anyone we know??!

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Unknown said...

Omg Simone! What a hilarious post. Clearly the apple didn't fall far from the tree with that last pic. LOL

Unknown said...

How fun! I love all of those freckles! I'm so glad you have fun watching him play... sounds like he's the MVP.

PaisleyJade said...

Cracking up at the 'strips', 'tight buns' and 'floppy blonde hair'! Love your family.

Amy said...

Fun times. I can identify, with a soccer-mad husband who played pre-kids and two soccer crazy daughters, whose team strips regularly swished around in my washing machine. I don't miss the wet winter sidelines but I do miss the thrill of cheering them on with embarrassing motherly abandon. A few years ago, I was heavily pregnant, slithering about in the mud and needing to frequently sit down, the only seat available being a free soccer ball, which I perched on top of. I looked like an Emperor penguin on a ridiculously wee egg.

Brigitte said...

Ha haaa that's awesome! Great post, had me laughing out loud ;-)
Love how you are quoting all the football jargan, hilarious! X

hpretty said...

Oh i just love this post. Despite the fact that i was looking forward to my saturdays to myself (as you know i have two bys) i secretly think i might be the mum shouting at the sidelines, and being asked politely to calm down. Yu must be very proud. i know i will be bursting with pride when the time comes.


KNB said...

Lovet his post! I spend my Saturday mornings at the indoor pool watching the kids swim laps under the direction of several field marshals. All very serious and I'm seriously proud.

BTW, my husband plays soccer (football)too--maniacally, even at the age of almost 43. He comes home several times a week sweaty and muddy and stinky--and I love him for it.

Anonymous said...

OMG could you boys look any more like Mr. G????
what a crack up
and oh so loved Mr. G's hair from the "old" days...I mean really what can one say about those bleach blonde locks?????? : )

enjoying these football pics of Dash...love his freckle face!

Catching the Magic said...

FABULOUS post! Love your words, your humour and photographs combined. My hubbie still plays (in the old man's league - shhhhh - these days!). We go along to watch (on fair weather days) and my middle daughter keeps asking me to sign her up for 'Little Dribblers', so it looks like we have a little footie lover on our hands too :)

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