26 July 2010

To Do

Birthday weeks are always full on around our house, because birthdays are a Big Deal. This Wednesday my only girl, Miss Fabulous, turns six (going on sixteen, but we are trying our to put a stop to that).

So much to do! It doesn't help that I am also in the middle of a bedroom makeover for the Birthday Girl. And that daddy just decided we might as well get her a proper bike from a bike shop instead of a cheapy off TradeMe (since they really aren't that cheap anymore, and pretty crappy too). And that the only bike shop I know has closed down.

And that my toddler is between a cot and a bed and is cutting out daytime sleeps (which majorly reduces my time to do stuff)... and I just had to move all his drawers and shelves into Dash's room and give that space a clear out.

It only complicates things that the birthday girl is now Gluten Free and a new menu must be contructed with that in mind. And that it still needs to be both gorgeous and delicious for the Fancy Tea Party. And that I need to find where the heck they sell gluten free bacon because she wants macaroni cheese for her birthday dinner and darn it, they don't sell the stuff at Woolworths Online.

At the back of my mind are also sitting the results for the last KidsClick competition... they must be posted! Plus I need to start a new competition...

Keeping me awake at night are thoughts about The Book. I have decided I don't like most of the layouts (too busy) and they must be changed. As soon as possible.

And I want to blog! But the best I can come up with while all these other jobs are rattling loosely round my brain, is this silly To Do list...

  • Switch over boys rooms DONE!
  • Finish painting mural of rolling hills and fluffy clouds in a blue sky DONE!!
  • Paint green wall NAH. I WON'T BOTHER (one coat will have to do)
  • Move furniture
  • Hang mosquito net, tie on ribbons flowers
  • Stick jewels on mirror & jewellery boxes
  • Find a bike shop DONE! (thanks Sandra!)
  • buy a (shiny pink) bike DONE!
  • get a card and wrapping paper and ribbons DONE!
  • wrap presents, write out card DONE!
  • find gluten free bacon (and sausages)
  • Sew fancy dressups with Meg for sleepover
  • get coal for brazier (toasting gluten free marshmallows at sleepover)
  • get a DVD for sleepover (any ideas? needs to be girly and sweet) DONE!
  • find a friend willing to help me play dressups with girls on saturday (any takers?)
  • hang up fairy lights in carport
  • make a gluten free rainbow layer cake
  • decorate it to within an inch of its life
  • bake gluten free cupcakes, pikelets, cookies
  • decorate them all to within an inch of their life
  • take a deep breath
  • have a coffee
  • come up for air
  • post kidsclick results DONE!
  • start new kidsclick comp DONE!
  • let my friends in blogland know I am still alive
  • fall asleep slumped over my desk and hope i don't drool and short-circuit the keyboard...
Wish me luck!

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Lizzieholly said...

Gluten free Bacon and Sausages should be at most supermarkets, Margaret gets them from foodtown. I think from memory its the beehive bacon that margaret gets? She also gets "sensational sausage precooked gluten free" from foodtown.

Sandra said...

I saw in the window of the Bike Barn in Newmarket (start of Remuera Rd by the train station) that they currently have 50% of all bikes.

Sandra said...

"off" all bikes :)

Widge said...

man! feeling for you!
and I didn't even know bacon had gluten!

My miss 5 absolutely looooves the movie My Girl...you may want to watch it first before deciding if it is appropriate. Or if you could find an old copy of the pippi longstockings movie. sure to be a hit! I've had it on VHS for years. since I was a kid. AWESOME!

Simoney said...

Yeah Widgey, EVERYTHING has gluten! Bacon has water and sugar and gluten injected into it to help preserve it! That's why its so watery! And the sweets! Even 100s and 100s! darn it! Half the stuff I got i can't use :(

And thanks for the movie suggestions.. I like the Pippi Longstocking idea... will have to see if i can find it!

Natasha in Oz said...

That to-do list has just made me feel very very tired...Good luck you crazy gal! I will be thinking of you.xo

Best wishes always,

Sophie said...

oooh simoney, I'm exhausted for you! Hope Wed goes well!

Weza said...

Most butchers have gluten free bacon, mince, sausages. Whew that list is LARGE. Feeling for you. All the best with the party. I will catch up on all you antics and the party in seven days times. EEK! xxx

Simoney said...

PS thanks Sandra for the heads up about Bike Barn! I will call in there tomorrow :)

Leonie said...

I keep losing the comments I am trying to post!
what Im trying to say is, its such a learning curve Simone. I have become a great label reader as Gluten turns up in the most unexpected places.. mayo, mint sauce, icecream!!!
I have sent you an email with some recipes including our tried and true pikelet one.
If you head over to Paisley Jade's she has a gf choc chippie recipe too.
Have a butter cake recipe here I can send but havent tried it before - might work for the rainbow cake.
All the best with your week!

Brigitte said...

Woah Simone, I take my hat off to you. I don't know how you do it... but don't forget to breathe!! X

S and family said...

These movies may be old and hard to find, but my kids always loved Ever After (Drew Barrymore) and Princess Bride. We're big into fairy tales in this house...
: )
Good luck with the to-do list!

Unknown said...

I just wrote a nice long comment and then clicked off before it went through! Suffice it to say that our houses are very similar right now! I hope you get a few things knocked off of your list today!

Unknown said...

Wow! You are a busy gal! I just found your blog and signed up to follow it. I will be checking back often to see how your to do list is coming. lol

Gail said...

Busy, busy!

Hey, we buy Henderson's Bacon - Free Range, Preservative and Chemical free. I contacted the company to ask because O shouldn't have sulphates.
Google it. It's available everywhere. Ask them about the gluten thing.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Good luck! The things we mothers do!?!

What a lucky girl getting to paint her own bedroom!!!

Lou said...

I know things are usually crazy with children but that is out of control crazy. Prioritise, delegate, good luck!!!

Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

Anonymous said...

My husband was just reading your blog over my shoulder and asked if that was your to-do list for the summer
I reminded him that it is your winter...I mentioned your name in that explination and he said "what? Salami? I love Salami!!!"
I say your name again Simoney...and he says
"Yeah! I LOVE Salami!!!!"
I let him know that I was going to comment about his comment on your comment board...LOL
I must tell you that he IS Italian....this may have something to do with it
I told him that he could tell you all this in a couple of years when we visit!!! LOL

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