28 January 2011

Loving Lately

Loving this Lovely Blogger...
This is Mon from Delissimon, taking a picture of me, while I take one of her. That's bloggers for ya! We spent a lovely morning together at my house...

...Eating cupcakes...

...made by me! Yes I was brave and served up cupcakes to the Cupcake Queen. She was super gracious and said they were "very light". Phew!

Mon brought along the most delicious gluten free lemon cake (baked with almonds and polenta)...

I was fooled by it's humble exterior.
I said to Mon, "Do you want to use the leftover icing for the top of it...?"
Mon is very diplomatic; she so very politely declined.
She also declined a sprinkle of icing sugar.
Silly me!
I forgot who I was talking to! The Queen of Baking!
Would you spray paint a Da Vinci? Would you colour in a Van Gogh with pastels?

Inside this cake was all kinds of lemony goodness. Oh I am loving this cake. LOVING.
Er, loving just a little too much.
Mon kindly (?) left the remainder of the cake with me. And I had it for breakfast. Oh woe is me!

Here is Mon's recipe. Too delicious.

Loving Easy Pina Coladas in the Middle of the day...

Don't worry these are alcohol free. Just think of them as a pineapple-coconut Smoothie.
Blend together a 450g can of lite coconut cream, a can of crushed pineapple and a splash of pineapple juice.
Whizz it up and whizz it good. Think you're done? Take a sip, sigh and whizz it some more.
When it is so frothy it looks like heaven, you pour yourself a glass. And one for your lovely bloggy friend.

Sip while eating cupcakes and polenta cake under the grape vine.... Ahhhhhh.

Loving what the mailman brings...

My very own hot pink coffee cup sleeves, crocheted by PaisleyJade... "Just to bless me". Thank you PJ!

An encouraging card sent by Miriam from  MakeitGiveit, full of handwritten verses she had picked out for me. So touching. Thank you Miriam!

This beautiful neckace I won from Kiwi Mummy Blogs "I Love Your Blog" competition...!! Thankyou Faery Sarah!

And a book sent all the way from America for me to review! Can't wait to dig into that... (will have to wait until I finish with "Cold Mountain" which I am also Loving...)

Loving this girl's gappy grin...

Loving my first ever cuppa made by This Guy...

 Was it tea? Was it coffee? Was it barely drinkable?

It was a mixture of all three.

"Mum I wasn't sure how to make it," he said with a sly grin, "so I kind of made up my own style. It has a vanilla sachet and then some of those leaf things and then I got a tea bag and opened up the paper and put that in... and then I added some rotten squashed banana... nah just jokes!"

Mmmmm. Lukewarm, gritty and of indiscernable flavour. Nevertheless, it's on my list. Cos it made me smile.

Loving the IceBlock King...
Ask Mon. This little guy helps himself to iceblocks all day long.
"Just one more iceblock mumma," he twinkles. "I need it!"
I counted seven in one day.
And he has a classic sucking style. The whole thing goes in his mouth and he slurps it rapidly...
Hard to describe but hilarious to watch.
How many iceblocks today? None. He ate them all yesterday.
I need a lock on my freezer.

Just look at that sticky residue. A face only a mother could lick.

Loving Toddler Antics
Who am I kidding? I love everything this kid does! He is just too cute.
Even his tantrums make me laugh.
The faces he pulls at himself in the mirror at the hairdressers say, "I love ME!"
The way he messily guzzles rice bubbles then tidily places his bib on top of his bowl.
The way he blurts out unexpectedly, "Sit up Dosh, I can see your butt crack!"
The way he makes me blow up the paddling pool, fill it with water and bath toys... and after two minutes asks to get dressed.
The way he sings "Finley the Fire Engine" at the top of his lungs.
And tries to shoot me with his laser when all he is wearing is a nappy.
The way he says, "Good night mummy!" And takes himself off to bed when he is tired.
What's not to love about a kid like that?

Loving trying out all the cool filters and effects on Photoscape.
(this one is "cross processed")

Loving the anticipation of an adventure-filled weekend with special friends in a beautiful place...

What are you loving this week? (Link up with Paisley Jade here)

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PaisleyJade said...

Man I am loving your list and your cool looking photos! Loving the Baking Queen coming to visit your place... the pina coladas, strange drinks made with love, sticky and toothless grins. Sigh - I might just have to read your post again!

Yay for exiciting weekends too! *wink wink*

Sammy said...

Loving YOU this week, Simoney! So wonderful to catch up with you last night, it was delicious!

jacksta said...

Yay for having some of Mon delicious treats Jealous much! Very cool list and pics :)

Johnny said...

Haha, the girls think Jono is hilarious! Thank you so much for having us. And I wasn't just being gracious about your cupcakes...I was impressed! They were delicious...Have a GREAT weekend hon!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Yeeha, a great Loving list. I love that Scrag knows what a 'butt crack' is, that's hilarious. He's definitely a younger sibling knowing that!

p.s. Have downloaded Photoscape to give it a go too now that I have a new laptop that can actually cope with it!

Widge said...

Awesome post Simoney!!! Love it all

Angela said...

Wonderful post and such great pics. Hmmmm, I think I am going to be loving some cupcakes myself today, lol. They look toooo good. I found you through the Tickled Pink blog hop :-)

CK said...

Mmmmm! Looks like heaven! What a fun post, beautiful pictures!

Jenny said...

LOL at that description of the cuppa something :o)

Sophie said...

fab list Simoney and loving the photo effects!

Anonymous said...

; )

love and light
have a great weekend away!

Stesha said...

Love your list. I think I could sip my white chocolate mocha and look at your cool pictures all day!

Hugs and Mocha,

Leslie said...

so many things to LOVE!! I love the photos and all of the family fun that you were havin.
and That lemon cake.. oh yeah. lol.

Holly Lefevre said...

I love these posts of yours. Are you going to share the recipe for the cake? Did I already miss it...I have missed a lot recently! I needed a pina colada today!

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