22 August 2011

Last Cab off the Rank with my Bloggy Meet-Up Post...

Saturday was the ultra-cool, very fun and enjoyable bloggy meetup in Auckland.
Its now Monday night.
Call me slow if you like.
I am kinda shocked at myself that it has taken so long for me to get this post up.
In days gone by I would have been one of the first to race home, download my pics and write my post...
But I'm trying to be more... involved in my real life.
So its taken me this long.

I'm sure you've heard it all before, seen all the photos. Yawn.
But still. Here's my version...

There were name badges. 
Some were like works of art. Some were like statements in style.
Some demonstrated the maker's super-craftiness and talent with a sewing machine.
Mine had feathers. And beads. It demonstrated my skill with a glue gun...

I made it for Andie. I think she liked it?!?!?!

There was picture taking. 
And Posing. It was a regular Paparazzi outing.

I'm sure the restaurant staff must have wondered what on earth was with all the cameras.
I could have told them.
It was a Mummy Bloggers Lunch.
Cameras are mandatory.

There was a special guest all the way from Wellington... {lovely Meghan from MNM's}

...and special friends from Whangarei. This is me and Kristy aka PaisleyJade.
One of my favourite bloggers {and people}.
We have met so many times now it feels like we are old friends.
Yet I would never have met Kristy if it weren't for blogging.

I love how blogging brings such amazing people into your life.
People like Leonie. Another dear friend, met through blogging.
Once upon a time I had "real-life-friends" and "blog-friends".
At some point the line blurs and then disappears.
These are my friends.

There was eating. Giant meals. Delicious meals.
Served with the best of manners and the utmost courtesy by our waiter {that guy with the notepad}
When there was no soy milk the Restaurant Owner ran up the road and got some.
When one bloggers came with her littlies, a staff member minded them. The. Whole. Time.

Good food. Great service. The Mediterranean. A good restaurant.

Of course there was laughter. And endless chatting.
We are talking about a bunch of women who rarely get out without their kids here, people!
Lunch ran from 12pm to... er... sometime after 3.30pm???! We'll call it an "executive lunch."
After all we are in Auckland.

There were spot prizes for some lucky buggers bloggers. Books.
I didn't win any prizes, but that's OK.
Because when I got home there was a parcel from my dear friend-and-blogger Amy, all the way from Singapore. She sent me books and perfume. Just to bless me for no reason. See why I love bloggers???!!!

Back LtoR: Andie, Greta, Mon, Lisa, Jackie, Tanya, Penny, Kristy, Meghan, Sammy, Simone, Cat
Front LtoR: Tracy, Rachel, Lyns, Meg, Leonie (absent from photo: Jaz)

Sadly, there was no Gail. My dear freind Gail is in China. If you haven't discovered her blog, please go visit her and give her your condolences on missing this great bloggy meetup.

She is a bit gutted about missing out on the fun, especially after she gave us all specific instructions "no fun til she gets back".

Look Gail! We are all thinking of you and missing you. See how sad we look?
Yeah I know you've seen that photo before on other people's blogs, but mine has thought-clouds with Gail in them!.

So don't worry Gail, there is talk of a Big Bloggy Meetup, maybe in Wellington, next year when you're back. Where we can maybe stay overnight, meet some Bloggers from other places too... FaceBook was alight with chatter after the photos went up, Mummy bloggers dreaming of a weekend getaway together...

Someone suggested a Brisbane escape... {dreaming much?}

In the meantime I am contemplating hitting hubby up for a weekend to Christchurch. After all, he had a four-day weekend skiing in Queenstown and what's good for the goose is good for the gander or something...

{Widge, got room for me to camp out on your sofa?}

I want one of those girls nights out you Christchurch bloggers are famous for.

So yeah we had a great time.
And I love bloggers.
Next time, make sure you're there, OK???

PS Girls, here a list of all the bloggers that came for those who wanted it: Leonie - KiwiatHeart , Sammy - Cherished , Lisa - All in a DazeKristy - PaisleyJadeJackie - Jacksta-B   Tanya - The Intermittent BloggerAndie - Red StrawberriesGreta - Babble&SnapsMeghan - MNM's,  Cat - Catalina's CottageJaz - Treacy TravelsTracy - Inside the Scrap HeapRachelLyns - Once Upon a TimeMonica - DelissimonMeg - Growing KiwisPenny - My Spirited Baby   

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Sophie said...

wow, it looks like enormous fun!!

Rebecca said...

Simone you are looking sooooo beautiful!!! Looks like a fun time!

Sophie Slim said...

I love reading all these posts about the meetup catchup!! Sounds like so much fun! Who are these CHCH bloggers you talk of!? I want a girls night out!! :)

kezharry said...

Looks like a Blast! and i must say you looked stunning! dark hair and amazing blue eyes looks stunning! and just to give you an ego boost, my husband saw your 'self take photo' and commented "whose the hottie?" (and if it helps to boost the ego even more, he's 28)

Anonymous said...

Oh I wanted to come..... Still come on down to Chch. I'll hook you up with a cupboard to sleep in if Widge lets you down!

rachel said...

isn't it so fun to meet up with bloggy friends in real life? this looks like a great group of women and so glad you had a great time!

Widge said...

ready and waiting simoney xo

PaisleyJade said...

I loooooove your take on the day. You are so funny!! And that pic of Gail in the thought bubbles... priceless! Loved catching up my 'real life friend' ;)

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