15 September 2011

Loving Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Two more sleeps. Eek.
I think we're ready.
Mum and dad are coming over for dinner so we can give them the security briefing and show them how to work the TV. They're bringing an extra suitcase for us to borrow {turns out Dash needs more luggage space than I thought}and will be guarding the fort.

I have their instructions printed and ready.
I've washed and dried fifty loads of washing.
Picked up my new batch of Vallergan and returned some shoes that pinched my feet.
Spent three days shopping for travel essentials.
Crossed at least twenty-seven things off my to do list.
I think we're ready.

The kids' inflight bags {my survival kits}are all-but done.  I decided Miss Fab will take her backpack after all, with just her activities to keep it light {so she won't leave it behind like last time} Her backpack is small and can be stashed under the seat in front. Trunki's too big for that. Trunki can hold the PJ's and emergency supplies of food, medicine and spare clothes, nappies {we are still not potty trained} and treats. Maybe a towel too, just in case...

I believe in being prepared, when it comes to travel with kids.

They've each got a little "toiletry kit" - in a clear bag of course. New toothbrushes, their own toothpaste, wipes, tissues and lip balm. We will be clean and fresh.

We will also be well supplied with entertainment, just in case watching inflight Movies gets old. New books, Smiggle pens, notebooks and treats are stashed and ready.

And look what I've scored for Scrag... his own Leaptop. Its been personalised and Scragified, and its all ready as a surprise in his bag. His very own "pewta", as he says it.
It was a bargain from the Red Shed. I don't shop there much these days but every now and again they have a good deal. This little beauty I scored for $32. Worth its weight in gold.

Speaking of bargains, look at this one.
Its padded and warm and perfect for the Scottish highlands in Autumn.
Wanna guess how much? Original price was $99 at JeansWest....

Twenty Bucks.
That's right.
I love it.

But wait. I love these even more...

EIGHT DOLLARS. and so comfy.
I ♥ Kmart.

What else can I show you?
My new bag!

A bargain. Real leather backpack perfect for travel. $44.

Oh and look what I have to read on the plane....

The Help!
Its meant to be gooooood.
Mrs Readalot has looked everywhere trying to find Secret Life of Bees for next month's Bookclub.
Can't find it anywhere. So it looks like I will be reviewing The Help. Heigh ho.

For you Kiwi readers, you have to check this out...
DailyDo {the one day bargain site} has a new thing, called DailyRead.
You can probably guess where I am going with this and why Mrs Readalot has wasted no time subscribing.
Bargain books. Free delivery. Deal a day. Love it.

So here are the suitcases. Halfway packed.

And here's a fun game we can play in the transit lounges.
A card version of Monopoly. From KMart again. Looks fun. Love.

I am so ready.
So ready.
I have posts scheduled for while I'm gone, to supplement the "postcards" I'll be sending.
You may think I'm a little crazy to bother with that but this blog is important to me.
My readers are important to me {you are important to me, nameless reader, silent lurker, treasured follower}
Its a way to stay connected with my friends. For when I am feeling alone in a strange and foreign place...

Ahhh, who am I kidding, I just didn't want you all to forget me!

{Our Travel Plans, in case you missed them}

So that's about it from me.
Hopefully I'll be linking next week's Loving post from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne!
Signing off for now...
Love from

button2PS I just had to share this song with you that I am loving after a crazy musical Greys Anatomy on Tuesday - Callie Torres {or whatever her real name is} is a flippin amazing singer and this is a truly beautiful song.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh Daily Read! Thanks for the link!

Let us know what you think of "The Help" - its on my must read list.

Enjoy the trip!

PaisleyJade said...

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you!! Love all the goodies you have ready to take - and awesome boots and jacket!! Love a bargain.

aving just read The Help (and off to see the movie tonight) I know you are going to love it!

Take care and can't wait to hear about your adventures when you get back (or get a spare moment during your holiday!!).

Sophie Slim said...

This is FAR TOO MUCH FUN!!! You are so organised, its going to be amazing! What an adventure!

p.s, Monopoly deal is awesome! I win every time :)


Cat said...

Mega organized LOVE it xxx

Cat said...

Mega organized LOVE it xxx

Cat said...

Mega organized LOVE it xxx

Gail said...

nice shopping chick.
Miss you already. Cause I already was missing you. And now I won't even be able to read you.

Gonna sign up to that Daily read. What a find!

Love you guys loads. Have an amazing trip - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! And TREAT yourself please! Tell Mr G to have an amazing time on that walk too (slightly envious here). Tell Miss Fab that Miss Marvellous misses her. Eat, Drink and be jolly merry (not drunk, just happy). Have wonderful, blessed catch ups with your friends and family. Say hi to Winnie..... anything else? Oh yeah, GO SHOPPING!!!!!!
Can't wait to read about your adventures!

Love ya!

Johnny said...

Um. Not eek. I think you mean EEEEEKKKKK!!!! I'm so excited for you! And I just realised the extent my parents had to go when travelling across the world with me and my brothers...in the days before the technology made it fun for kids. You are so organised!!!
Have a wicked fun time honey, and say hi to Scotland for me.

remaliah said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Hope the travelling part is even more smooth than you could expect. I bet it will be lots of fun for the kids when they discover all their surprise goodies! P.S. Really enjoyed your article in the Parenting Mag. I definitely related to much of it! Meals are definitely not my friend at the moment!

Anyway, have a great time away :)

jacksta said...

have a great time

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wow you are ORGANISED! Loving all your splurges, they will keep you sane and feeling on top of the world throughout the long travels. I mean come on who would't feel amazing in a pair of funky boots with a cool as jacket on and a funky backpack slung over their shoulder even after 30 hours of non-stop travel ;-)

Have a FAB FAB time!

Pamela said...

Have a fab trip! I so hope you enjoy The Help as much as I. If you do, you might need to have a backup book ready in your mind, I read it so quickly. Could not stop.

I love how organized you are...kinda makes me want to plan a big trip with my family. Okay, maybe just a big trip for the adults in my family!


dearfutureme... said...

Love it! So organised (Im just the same - we're moving to England in 5 weeks and our house is almost completely packed!) Have an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL time Simoney! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

Jen said...

safe travels

have a neat time

look forward to reading all about it

Maxabella said...

You are read, read, ready to go! Have the best time ever, Simoney. x

Ms. Kate said...

Very exciting! Loving how organized you are. Well done :)

Amy said...

So jealous! You guys will have a ball! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. I am planning a trip to Scotland hopefully in the next two years to visit family.

I have heard great things about The Help. I have added it to my long list of books to read.

Weza said...

How did I miss the memo that you guys are taking off to the highlands? Man have the most incredible time my friend. Super organised, ready to go. Actually you probably have left already. ENJOY. xxx

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