15 December 2011

Crafty Wee gifties

You may have heard me say I'm not crafty.
This is true.

When I say that, I mean I am not one to drive a sewing machine (I'm scared of stitching through my fingers).
Nor am I one to measure twice... or even once.

I don't follow patterns. Can't. Won't.
Simply don't have the patience for it.

I can make things that look a bit wobbly and uneven.
If you don't mind the "truly homemade" look, then my crafting attempts may make you smile.

When it comes to teacher thankyou gifts we usually go for homemade rocky road, or cookies. Cellophane and ribbon can make anything look flash.

But this year I was inspired by my Christmas Market Doorhangers and convinced that "I could make something like this" I went mad in Geoffs Emporium buying up felt, embroidery thread and ribbon.

This is what my first attempt yielded...

See what I mean? A bit wobbly, very imperfect, but it says "I took the time to make this for you".
So on that score, it's a win. And they smell good, stuffed with cloves.

Scrag was excited to see them when he woke up this morning. He picked out which teacher got which decoration (there are four of them - teachers, that is) and he "helped" wrap the gifts.

It was hard putting on his jacket and bag today... over top of the four gifts he was clutching.
No sooner had we arrived than he thrust them eagerly at his teachers...

...and then proceeded to "help" them unwrap the gifts as well.

The teachers seemed to really like my wobbly crafting. Lucky for me they are the kind of people who value effort more than a big-bucks gift like an iPad.

Today was a big day for us. It was Scrag's very last day of "Pink Kindy", ending an association stretching back over five years to when Miss Fab enrolled at age two. I carried newborn Scrag there in his baby capsule, telling him: "One day you'll come here too." At the time it was hard to believe that day would ever come; inconceivable that my tiny baby would one day be a big kindy boy.

And now its over already! He's been... and gone, leaving behind only memories.
At least they have my awesome crafting to remember us by...
Yeah, when they look at the wobbly stitching as they hang their deco's on the tree each Christmas, they'll say, "Five years of teaching her kids and she gives us THIS?"

Four teacher-gifts down, just Dash and Miss Fab's still to go.
Better get stitching... I've got a years' worth of teaching to pay for in crafts...

{*update here they are - and they turned out even better than batch #1*}


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Anonymous said...

I love the 'truly home made' look! you did good, such a cute prezy for the teachers! xo

Toni said...

Adore them!! So my cuppa tea!! Well done!!! xxx

Leonie said...

you not crafty? pfft! I disagree!! look at all the amazing parties you throw!! a non-crafty person wouldnt do that.
Love the ornaments and love Scrag's pride about his prezzies!

PaisleyJade said...

I think they look fabulous for a non crafty girl... you have some serious talent hidden there girl (and I was such a slacker this year that our kids teachers only got a card and couple of chocolates each!!).

Sophie said...

They're cute as a button! Going to try making those for our house too! Love!

Maxabella said...

I think they are wonderful! And the fact that you get in there and have a go means you are truly crafty, Simoney. x

remaliah said...

Wow, good work Simoney. I think you did a great job! Me too...I'm not hot on following instructions. I can barely understand Knitting for DUMMIES! But yours turned out beautifully! P.S I did order Room for a Little One and it arrived just the other day. The girls love it and they already know to go and find 'the book about the Kind Ox and Baby Jesus' :) I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Christmas with your family there too :) PPS Enjoyed reading your article in the latest Parenting mag. Can't wait til ours are old enough to enjoy those sorts of meals. xx

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