23 March 2012

Lovely and Yucky

Lovely is... "Mummy and Scrag" Fridays
Inspired by my parenting course, I have dropped Scrag's Friday kindy session and set aside a special day for me and him to spend playing together. He's my last kid still at home, and I mean to make the most of this year before he goes to school next April. Me and Scrag love our special days together.

We spend them playing the memory game, going to the park, playing "giraffe families", car races, baking, watching a movie or... going on a kindy trip.

Last Friday the kindy kids went on an outing to Waitakere Gymnastics and Olympic Park - and we had a blast.

It gave me such a buzz seeing my energetic son enjoying himself so much, and getting to meet his new friends (who think he's "really funny").

Fridays are Lovely.

Lovely is... my Dinner Menu Planner
We've been using this for a month now and it has changed my life.
OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but really - this simple idea has revolutionised our dinner times.
Dinner hour was the worst part of the day. Every dinner was a battle with someone about something. I was a terrible "last minute larry" cook - opening the freezer door and wondering what to cook at 5pm.

But now, all that has changed.

See the colour coding? Each person gets one day per week that they can choose a dinner from my list of options. We plan two weeks at a time.

I write in each person's choice at the beginning of the fortnight, and voila! I know what I'm cooking (and buying) for the next two weeks!

The rule is that nobody can complain about another person's choice, if they don't want people to complain about their choice. Guess what? It works.
We have had no battles and only minor complaints for the past month. I know what I'm cooking each night! Dinner is being served on time. There's less stress.
The kids also have a dinner chore, taking turns setting and clearing the table.

Eventually I can see that the idea will evolve into helping cook the meal you've chosen.
Bring on my little Junior Masterchefs! (BTW how lovely is Junior Masterchef? Those kids are amazing. We are all loving that programme.)

Lovely is... Great Role Models
Taylor Swift was in New Zealand this past week and I caught her interview on TV. Boy, was I impressed with that young lady. She is hugely aware of all the little eyes that are watching her, so she dresses appropriately, watches what she says and does, sings wholesome songs and genuinely appreciates the applause she receives and the crowds that attend her concert. She loves kids and knows they follow her. She knows she's a role model and takes it as a serious responsibility.
Taylor Swift I love you.
I just wish I'd known you were coming sooner so I could have taken Miss Fab to your sell-out concert. She loves you, you know, and so do I.

Forget about Miley Cyrus and her need to prove she's not a little kid any more. Sorry Miley, you lost me when you started dressing like a tart. Miss Fab won't be getting any more of your albums. Which is sad, because you're talented and we love The Climb.

But Taylor?? You are alright in my book. Better than alright. You're a hero and a great role model.
I am grateful for young women like you.

Yucky is... Slugs in my Rubbish Bin
Three slimy slugs waving hello from the inside of my rubbish bin lid. Look at those slimy things! How did they get there?

For some reason we often find random slugs that have squeezed between the cracks and come in from the rain on our kitchen floor. It pays to turn the light on if you get up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. Yeah.
But these three? All I know is that yesterday I spotted a slug on the floor, picked it up in a serviette and chucked it in the rubbish. Ugh.
Then this morning somehow there are THREE of them.
One slug went in. Now there are three. Was it a mama slug who gave birth to baby slugs in my rubbish bin? Or did the slug split into three because he was lonely?
It's a mystery to me.

That's all I've got today. I'd better get back to Mummy and Scrag day. I think we're off to play The train Game at the park... wahoo!

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Cat said...

loven' the lovely
laughen' at the yucky
a soooo glad you have finally posted acceptable photos on your blog...I was about to quite following !!!!
; ) lol
what was that lady thinking????????????

love you Simoney
have a wonderful weekend

love and light
your crazy Canadian friend....xo

jacksta said...

love that dinner timetable idea!
Im sure my kids could chop some vege and be into learning how to cook it.

Neetz said...

Oh man... I have been so wanting to sort my dinner situations out. My sis in law is so prepared (and she has 4 kids.. I have a mere 2). She said the thing that keeps her sane is "planning meals" and knowing what she's doing etc. So..your little blog has given me that kick up the pants to sort it! (will do so this avo).

It's so cool that you're making the most of your little man before he heads on out to the big world of "school"... you and he will have so many cool memories later on aye?

And Laughed my ((Insert Gails fave word here)) off big time re: the slugs.... hahaha 1 went in and 3 came out.. well.. if that's the case she gave birth to some pretty huge babies!! (do slugs "give birth" or .. ? lay eggs or what??).. off to google slug birth... LM(gails word)O again!! ;)
Have a cool weekend chick x

Sophie Slim said...


We went to her concert on Friday night - we were lucky enough to get pre sale tickets before they went on sale (okay okay, enough boasting!)

We took our 6 month old, I just wrote a post about it this week: http://sophieslim.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/on-taking-baby-to-concert.html

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! (!!!!!)

Funny, there were actually heaps of young girls there but they didn't seem to like it! SO LOUD. I saw so many girls holding their ears and crying / screaming :( What a shame.

I would be happy to promote taylor as a positive roll model to my girl.

Sophie Slim said...

BTW - this post is filled with so much good stuff, but I was too excited about your bit on t-sweezie so I prematurely published.

I also wanted to say that its great you're doing your quality time with scrag! excellent!

AND I love your dinner idea!! I want to get my kids cooking as soon as poss (that may change when they actually grow up, but for now its a nice expectation i've created in my mind) I only learnt to cook when I got married, so I would love for my kids to be confident in the kitchen

Neetz said...

just thought I would post an update about slug reproduction... LOL the female slug lays about 3-80 eggs...then the male slug slides over them and fertilises them... Interesting huh??.

Jen said...

I love kindy and school trips

your dinner planner is cool and colourful :)

Simoney said...

hahaha thanks Neetz - which still leaves me in the dark about where those other two came from??!!

Miriam said...

Yes and amen to meal planners before you do them you don't get people who do but once our a convert your life is altered!! I do love your posts Simone you have a great way with words! :o)

PaisleyJade said...

OH man I love your dinner time idea!!! I might just have to adopt that and even get the bigger kids to start helping out too. You are a genius!!!

Maxabella said...

You know I'm all over your meal planner idea. I think it's great.

I'm loving the day with your little man too. x

Simoney said...

Update in the Slug Mystery:
My dear husband placed the three slugs in the rubbish bin. Mystery solved.
he went to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, spotted the three slugs and the rest is history.
Mystery solved.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I loved those big piles of foam blocks in gymnastics!
And Taylor is so sweet and talented, how can you not like her?

Leonie said...

oh love Taylor swift, and your play dates look like such fun. I really made the most of my baby's last year before school too. you don't get that time again.
have a great weekend.

ImperfectAnna said...

Um, will you adopt me? That day looks like so much fun and your are so organized with your calendar for dinner. I must commit to meal planning for my sanity! I like your style.
Stopping by from SITS!

Tara @ secretsofamomaholic.com said...

I love outings with the kids...we had beautiful weather here in New York yesterday so I took my kiddies to the beach after picking my daughter up from school. They had a blast playing in the sand with pails and shovels...so nice to be outdoors and watching your children explore the great outdoors.

lipgloss mumma said...

Love the meal planner idea! And special time, great pics.

Miriam said...

my almost 15yr old went to the taylor swift concert. She LOVES her and i am so happy she loves someone who is such a great role model.

Unknown said...

I'm in love with your dinner planner and the concept. Thank you for sharing with us! I love that it's removable and changeable.

And I'm so impressed by Taylor Swift too. Thank goodness there is someone to look up to for our kids hey?

Have a great weekend. xx

Bron said...

I took my Miss 13 to Taylor Swift here in Perth , I agree with everything you said ...great concert and great role model. xx

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