22 May 2012

Kids Cook: Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

Friday night dinner at our house is usually Takeaways. Daddy will ring up and say, What do you want me to pick up on the way home? And we'll order fish 'n' chips or Indian or pizza. To be honest it's getting kinda boring, but I refuse to cook on Friday.

This weekend just gone though, Daddy was away. There was no convenient dial-up/order-in service.
So I decided to try something new: Lets get the kids cooking.
After all they love Junior Masterchef.
And our dinner choices are getting a bit repetitive. Time to try some new things.

They loved the idea, and picked Making Sushi. I thought, what better to go with a nice healthy dinner like sushi than sticky chocolatey pudding - with magic sauce?

The sushi-making was a huge success. When I went to try and buy a humble bamboo sushi-mat, the lady in Stevens convinced me to get the Sushezi instead. Easy sushi. Oh yeah. We made sushi like pros. All weekend. This morning I even rustled up a batch for their lunch boxes. No photos though.

Then Dash raced off to Futsal (Brazillian soccer) leaving the younger two to navigate the chocolate pudding.

This recipe is like magic - the sauce starts out at the top and ends up at the bottom. Fun to make and delicious to eat.

Miss Fab and Scrag worked as a team; they did all the mixing and measuring themselves, working off the recipe card I made for them.
The only thing I helped with was the sauce, where you sprinkle the dry sauce mixture over the batter and pour on the hot boiling water. It turned out delicious - although the sauce dried up a bit, so next time I'd make double the amount. Perfect with whipped cream.

So Kids Cook Fridays are here to stay. this week we'll be making Pizza (from scratch) and Parfaits. Bye Bye boring unhealthy takeaways. Hello my little junior masterchefs.

Here's the recipe card for you...

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