09 May 2012

Messing About

I've been having fun messing around with my tabs today.
I totally meant to post something but got carried away re-formatting my About Me Page, Family Page and  my Parenting Stuff Page and creating two brand new pages.

  1. A Yummy Stuff Page... with all my favourite recipes (including gluten free)
  2. A Start Here Page... so new readers can find everything they need to know in one spot.
I've also decided that I should make better use of my Facebook Page - it's a great place for readers to post photos of how they've used my ideas and how to's.
So please find yourself formally invited to share your party pictures on my Facebook page, when/as you like. It would MAKE MY DAY, honest.

P.S. I am loving my new comment system, aren't you?
P.P.S. If you haven't used it yet, have a look at my new pages and then tell me what you think...?

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