31 May 2012

Brilliant Baking Birthday... comin' right up!

Look what I've been working on all day.
I got completely carried away creating this invitation for Miss Fab's 8th Birthday Party. Now my butt is aching and its nearly dark and dinner isn't even started.
But the invitation looks good.

This is going to be the sweetest party. Miss fab chose the theme and the name over six months ago, and I've been quietly stashing bits n pieces as I spotted the bargains.

There will be just three little girlie guests.
I'll be making aprons from teatowels. Chef Hats for them to decorate.
The brilliance of this theme is that the guests create their own party food. Wahoo.
Well, I'll do the boring bits (like baking the plain cupcakes, and mixing the cookie dough); they get to play with icing and sweets and sprinkles.
And I have the cleverest cake idea. It's brilliant. Just you wait.

Most importantly there will be a special guest all the way from China... bringing the party day forward a whole three weeks to make sure she can attend while she's in the country. It just wouldn't be the same without her - the party plan was dreamed up with her in mind, after all.

Can you feel the "vibe" of the theme?
I'm looking forward to turquoise and pink.
And using some of these cool ideas from my Pinterest Planning board...

Right now me and my aching butt better get outta here and go cook something for dinner.
And turn on some lights.

But tell me, how do you like that invitation? I think it's one of my best yet.


 (click the image to view larger)

Right-click to save to your computer.
Then just print and use.

Printed size = 10.5x 14.8 cm   (A6 or quarter A4)

I've put customisable versions on my Free Invitation Website so you can add your own wording.

(To make your personalised invitation really great grab some retro free fonts from here: Great 50's Fonts from Tack-O-Rama)

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