24 May 2012

Mrs Readalot is Hungry for More

Mrs Readalot is sometimes slow to the party. Last Christmas so many people had "The Hunger Games" on their recommended reads list... and yet it has taken her until now to read.
Maybe it was because it was described as "young adult fiction" (and Mrs Readalot can hardly be described as young...)
Perhaps it was her preoccupation with The Seven Kingdoms.
And of course there was the exceedingly long wait for books to arrive from Fishpond.

Whatever the reason, when Mrs Readalot finally got hold of Suzanne Collins' book this week, she devoured it within 36 hours.

Mrs Readalot was hungry for more. She just had to know what happens next.
So she went online and ordered Books Two and Three from  Book Depository .

But Mrs Readalot is impatient. Even though the books are on their way, it could still be weeks before she discovers whether it is Peeta or Gale that Katniss really loves (I vote Peeta.) And how the Capitol might wreak their revenge on Katniss for her defiance.

So when a friend mentions she has a copy of Book Two, Mrs R drives across town and borrows the book, staying up into the wee small hours to gobble up more. (She's still sticking with Peeta.)
Now she's finished. And Book Three is in the post, perhaps weeks away.
Help, anyone? Anybody (in Auckland) have a copy Mrs R can borrow to sate her appetite for more of the Hunger Games story?
Mrs Readalot heard rumours that Books Two and Three are not as good as the first one, so she had low expectations for Book Two. But no, it was fine. And now she MUST KNOW how it all turns out.

Mrs Readalot Says:
Why did I wait so long to read these books? I haven't stayed up so late reading in years.
Mind you it is probably partly because I genuinely couldn't sleep so got up to read myself to sleep. But this story is not one that gets you nodding off. 
Now that I'm stuck waiting for the conclusion, I am considering watching the movie.
I'm not usually a fan of book-movies, as the movies are rarely as good as the book. In fact too often filmmakers take annoying liberties with the story and characters... but in this case it might keep me going til my book arrives. or a kind friend lends me their copy.
I've heard it's violent and disturbing. Somehow the books are not.
OK, maybe a little disturbing, but only in a thought-provoking way.
Imagine if the government really did hold such things as these Games, as a way to keep the population under control? How would that make you feel about having children, knowing there was a chance you were raising them only to have them reaped for the Hunger Games...?

It would make you think twice alright.
Suzanne Collins depicts a horrifyingly realistic world-of-the-future. This is the best  kind of sci-fi.
Scarily, spine-chillingly possible; a world not so very different in detail from our own.

I am loving this story. And thankful I've had it to keep me company these last few sleepless nights.

Now if only Book Depository comes through for me really really quick...

Mrs Readalot Gives The Hunger Games: *****

10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book DepositoryGet "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins from Book Depository for around NZ$11.00 
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