16 May 2012

Lessons in Netball

Welcome to Junior Netball 101.
Last week we learnt these valuable lessons...
  • don't run with the ball and
  • don't shoot the ball into your own hoop
This week we have moved on to Lessons in Weather.

What we now know is...
  1. Netball is a winter sport. It rains in winter
  2. Always take an umbrella
  3. Wear a warm jacket. Waterproofing helps too.
  4. Gumboots are essential footwear (when it rains your feet get wet = cold feet)
  5. Always bring a towel to dry off your soaking-wet kid
  6. Bring an extra jacket for the kid too. And dry socks.
  7. A thermos of hot Milo wouldn't go amiss (don't forget the cups)
  8. When the girls learn last week's lessons and shoot in the right goal... it's magic
  9. Dripping wet, shivering, blue-lipped girls will forget their frozen toes and squeal with joy when the ball slips through that blessed hoop. They may not have won, but they finally scored. (You will also forget your cold wet feet and jump up and down in the puddle you've been standing in for half an hour, because they scored!!!)
  10. Even in the rain, watching your girl play Netball is EXHILARATING NOT-TO-BE-MISSED FUN.

NOTE: Netball is not volleyball. Or basketball (though it has similarities to this sport). It's a game played competitively mainly by girls and women. It's big here in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Jamaica and the UK. Miss Fab has just started playing Netball for the first time - and she seems to be a natural (wahoo). Find out more about how to play netball here...

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