01 May 2012

Five-Minute Upcycle: Paper-Lace Lampshade

I like projects that can be completed in five minutes, especially ones that involve my trusty glue gun.
Little bit-by-little bit I am giving my bedroom some style (now that I've finally figured out what i want that style to be). It's kind of patchwork, a bit vintage with a mix of muted colours. Cottagey. Comfy. Pretty.

And here hangs the most boring lightshade in the world...

...a dollar-store special.

I walked into the room the other day and my glue-gun finger got twitchy just looking at that lightshade. I felt the need to change things, to prettify, to upcycle.

Recalling that I had a bunch of paper-doily-edges in my bits'n'pieces box (left over from making Tangled Party jar-lanterns) I wasted no time getting to work....

See how nicely the boring paper lantern sits inside that big green bowl? Without the lampshade wobbling all over, our work is so much easier.

Are we ready? Hot glue gun all heated up? Plenty of spare glue-sticks? Lace edges trimmed off paper doilies and cut into halves?
Great. Let's start with the top...

Apply spots of hot glue to stick a layer of paper lace around the top of the lampshade. Gives it a nice lace trim. Don't worry about being too perfect - the lampshade is up high. Near enough is good enough.

The nice thing about glue-gunning is that it dries so quickly. We can move on to the next bit already.

Next, a layer of paper lace further down. See how I've placed the lace halves with the the flat edge following the line of the wire inside the lampshade? Do this all the way around.

Now we can go back and fill in the space between the top layer and the bottom layer with even more paper lace. By doing this layer last, we can let the nice edge of the paper lace cover over our trimmed-off edges nicely. Of course I only figured this out as I was doing it.
You could probably make a much better job of it than I did - I am very haphazard.
The stink thing about using a glue gun (on paper) is that once you've stuck it on, you can't get it off again. You just have to live with your mistakes. Never mind. It's a lampshade. It's up high.)

Oops. We've run out of paper doilies. We'll just have to settle for a half-decorated lampshade until we can get back to the dollar store. That's OK, it still looks better than it did.

Not bad for a five-minute job that cost zip.

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