01 June 2012

Sweetest of All

I vaguely remember an ad targeted at mothers which went, "Don't you love them just that little bit more when they're asleep...?"

Well, there is something pretty irresistable (and optimistically angelic) about the sight of my sleeping "babies". So often I just have to run and grab the camera, try to capture their innocence and fleeting tranquility.

The other night there was something about the quality of the light and the sweetness of my sleeping daughter that was so very "Pinterest"... without any photo editing at all. Of course my amateurish attempt hardly does justice to it, but one day when she's all grown up, I will be able to gaze upon this (slightly fuzzy) image and remember with an ache, just how beautiful she is/was.

Sweet when asleep, yes.
But even sweeter when doing the dishes...

Photographic evidence that sometimes chore and sticker charts work.
(And sometimes kids do too)

Miracles do happen.

Sweetest of all?
Watching my girl play her heart out.

My girl has the makings of a great little netballer.
She's fit and strong. She has the height and the hand-eye coordination (phew - she didn't take after me).
But most of all she plays with passion.
100% committed.
Her eye on the ball at all times, waiting for the chance to play her part.

It was a sweet moment indeed when she glowed to me, "MUM! I Love netball! I think I've finally found my thing!"

Her thing. Dash has had his "thing" since he was a preschooler. Football.
But Miss Fab has tried stacks of things (dancing, gymnastics, dancing, gymnastics), and nothing really stuck.
Until now.

She's part of a team. She's good at what she does.
She's making new friendships and rekindling old ones.
Every Wednesday afternoon her family comes out to cheer her on. For once, it's all about her.

My heart feels all warm and glowy just thinking about it.
My sleeping angel, dish-doing athlete, sports-girl daughter.
Who won the cross country by a mile in Year Two and surprised us all.
And who loves netball.

Man, I love that kid. And boy, am I proud of her.

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

What a lovely tribute to your gorgeous gal. She will love going back to read this in years to come :-) Happy long weekend to you, I shall say hello to the mountain for you if I get to see her xx

Gail said...

She is beautiful and we love and appreciate her to bits!!
Am hoping Olivia will like netball when we get home - she doesn't have a competitive edge yet.... hoping it will kick in!

Lyn said...

Loved this. Makes me excited about Kayla having a go at netball altho she has to wait until Year 3 next year, much to her dismay! She had a few goes at skills practice days and loved it, has the height to be a good shooter and has been practicing shooting hoops to be 'ready for next year' lol. Neither me or hubby are particularly sporty so we have no idea where it comes from but we're embracing her individuality!

bee said...

What beautiful words from a devoted mum : )

Cat said...

this warmed my heart...
you Simoney
are the sweetness that makes your daughter so....

love and light

Rachel Cotterill said...

Aww, how lovely :)

Neetz said...

Awww... I love sleeping kiddies too!! :) it melts my grumpiness away quick smart!! :)

Love the netball playing concentration!! :)

PS: I think Im back in blogland now!!! :) missed you crazy cats!! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a beauty she is,and hasn't she grown.So proud of her,makes my heart swell,Will have to get my new PC so i can take to all of them on Skype.A proud Granny.xxx

huana said...

How precious,it fills your hearth!

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