14 June 2012

Looking, Watching, Seeing

Watching my girl play netball.
Fingernails bitten to stubs.
Please oh please, may they win this time...
A taste of victory for my girl?

Watching her do her magic.
She totally rocks in Goal Attack.
Anyone looking could see.
Watch how she gets the ball and sends it on into safe hands.
Look how she moves into space, always working, running, calling.

See her catching, snatching, passing.
Setting up a goal. Now two.
Please oh please may the whistle blow...

It's over. They won. THEY WON!!!!
Other mothers looking as I scream and jump, ecstatic.
I don't care. Let them look.

They won, they won at last. I nearly have tears.
Watching my girl explode with joy.
Seeing her delight.
And the Player of the Day goes to... MY GIRL!

Excitement unlimited. Frosty shakes all round.
The taste of longed-for victory is so sweet. And we are so proud.


P.S. This Noticing/Looking/Observing business has done the trick and snapped me out of my bloggy doldrums. I highly recommend it if you're struggling for inspiration. Just go around with your eyes wide open, and write what you see. Oh, and make sure you take your camera! ♥

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