15 June 2012

Elmo and the Firetruck

Scrag is learning about Fire Safety at kindergarten.
He sings to us, "Get out, STAY OUT!" and knows to call 111 if there's a fire.
He even gets upset when he realises he forgot to bring home the fire safety booklet. He cries actual real tears.

Scrag tells us the Firemen are coming to visit kindy on Friday. He is so excited. So on Mummy-and-Scrag day last week, we troop off to to see the Firemen (even though it's not a kindy day for Scrag).

The Firemen are not there at 9.30. By 10 o'clock, still no sign of them.
"When are the firemen coming?" ask the children.
"Maybe they have a call-out," says Madhu.
At 10.30 still no sign of the firetruck.
"Where are the firemen?" ask the children.
"Perhaps they are putting out a fire," says Madhu.
"Or rescuing a cat from a tree," says Scrag. (He has listened carefully to the story about Fred the Busy Fireman).

Finally at 11 o'clock we give up and go home.
The firemen didn't come. Busy busy firemen.

But today when we pull up at kindy, what do we see?
A Big Red Firetruck.
Scrag is ecstatic.
"Hurry, mum! Hurry, we don't want to miss it!" he shouts.

He is wearing his Elmo hat. Elmo is a really fun hat. Sometimes Elmo pretends to eat Scrag up. Sometimes he pretends Scrag is not there at all. Today Elmo is excited to see the firetruck too.

The children take turns helping the fireman hold the hose. Elmo is impressed.

At last it is Scrag's turn to hold the hose. Elmo can't believe how far the water shoots. Watch out, you people walking past! Hehe. Anyone want their car washed?

Well, Scrag, the firemen came at last. Wasn't that fun? 

{P.S. That Elmo Hat is so darn cute, 
but I have no idea where my sister got it from.}

{P.P.S. Scrag reminded me to pick up the Fire Safety Booklet. 
Which says: Check Smoke Alarm batteries. 
OOPS... ours are dead. 
Off to the shops now to get new ones. 
Thanks Scrag, you might have just saved our lives.}

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