26 June 2012

There's a Boy Band Groovin' in my Kitchen...

[Scrag would love to be in *One Direction*]

Flicking through TV channels with Miss Fab last week, we spotted a music video that got our feet tapping.
Before long we were singing along with One Direction...
Oh yes. The Boy Band who made it big after winning  X-Factor UK in 2010 has finally made it big in our house.

The song that caught our attention is the super-catchy That's What Makes You Beautiful. Within minutes we were on iTunes, downloading the track.
Dash heard the song playing on Miss Fab's stereo and wanted a copy.
Before long, One Direction was playing in nearly every room.
Even Scrag wanted his own copy.

Scrag is four. But with a big brother and sister he is quick to pick up on trends.
For a while there he loved Josh Krajik, Johnny Ruffo, Stan Walker... running around shouting their names and requesting their songs.
Now it's One Direction's turn.

He refused to go to sleep until I'd made him his own CD of One Direction.
He refused to eat his dinner unless we could listen to the song while we ate.
Every morning he wants to start the day with One Direction up loud.
He knows the words, he's got the moves.
He may just be One Direction's youngest and most enthusiastic fan.

Of course, he's not alone.
As soon as that song comes on, our kitchen turns into Party Central.
Flippin hilarious.
I must admit, there are worse boy bands than One Direction.
Actually I think they're rather talented. And pretty cute.
Heck if I was an 8-year-old girl, I'd be dancing in the kitchen too!

{What am I saying? I'm a 42-year-old woman and I end up dancing to That's What Makes You Beautiful right along with the kidsI dare you to play this song and not tap your toes to the beat!}

Here's what we get when the song comes on; I just had to capture the kids on my camera.
Watch and giggle at One Direction's Kiwi Fan Club, *LIVE* in my kitchen....

{Do you have a guilty Boy Band secret???}

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