22 June 2012

Loving... Girlfriends

Girl friends.
Where would we be without them?

I snapped Miss Fab and her girlfriend playing dress-up yesterday, complete with {old broken} cellphones and Texan accents. These two have been friends since age two. Dress-up used to mean fairy dresses and backyard picnics, but I suspect those days may be over *sniff*

Their friendship has seen plenty of ups and downs. Two strong-headed females, who both like to be in charge, at one stage there were regular tears, fireworks, and Auditions for the Oscars. For a while they went their separate ways. 

Netball has reintroduced them to each other, and with the passing of time they seem to have mellowed. Now they can negotiate better. Take turns being the Teacher when they play schools. Enjoy each other's strengths instead of constantly competing.
It's nice to see them playing well together. Even if they are pretending to be teenagers already.

Then there's this special girlfriend.

These two have been besties since birth, but are separated now by the China Sea.
School holidays will bring a longed-for reunion and an early birthday party, brought forward so this special friend can come. What fun it will be.

And in September there will be a return trip.
This time, the best friends will be reunited IN CHINA.
Yes, oh yes.
Miss Fab and I are taking a trip, making a journey.
We are going to China to see our girlfriends.
Tickets bought and paid for.
A mummy-daughter adventure, just us.
Girlfriends reunited.

Where would we be without our girlfriends?

P.S. For those who don't know, my lovely friend and fab blogger Gail has been in China for the past year; her daughter and mine are besties. How convenient! We miss them like crazy, so found a way to go and see where they've been hangin'.

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