11 June 2012

Best in Blog is Back (come Link Up)

Best part of the day, when the sun is setting.
When the sky is splashed with fire and otherworldly light; God's extravagant farewell to the spent day.
The other night hubby shouted, Simone get the camera! You've got to take a photo of this sunset!
I kid you not, these photos are untouched.
The colour has not been enhanced, boosted or exaggerated in any way...

It was as if the sky had caught fire and it took my breath away.
A stunning end to the day.

Ah, but right now we are not at the end, but rather at the beginning of another week.
I must confess I have been struggling for bloggy inspiration lately.
Maybe I am distracted and caught up in the challenges of my actual Real Life, and have little energy left to put the days into words.
Perhaps I need to photograph more, observe more, and simply write what I see.
Or it could simply be that my back is aching and my butt is sore, and sitting for hours at the computer is not particularly appealing in the nippy winter months, when I could be snuggled by the fire instead.
See, I am trying to be disciplined about when I blog. Attempting to only be on the computer when the kids and hubby are out or in bed,  so I can give my family more of me. Not just my time but my attention, my focus.

Is this resulting in a loss of blog-love?
Nah. Surely not. Not me, the blog-addict.
Perhaps I need to go and re-read my own advice for when you've lost your bloggy mojo.
Or maybe hold another bloggy tea party. It's been so long! Anyone keen?

In the meantime here's a list of my Blog Tips posts to keep you busy...

Well, here's hoping that this week will see a return of inspiration and a disolution of my writer's block.

In the meantime, here's my favs from our last Best in Blog Linky...

The Best of You
  • Sarah's post gave me goosebumps. Somehow, she just got me feeling all mushy as she shared her sentimental trip down memory lane in the Botanical Gardens.
  • SophieSlim inspired me with her Love Bomb post, and the whole concept of the Sisterhood. To the point where i promised to contribute... but not to the point where I actually put the stuff in the post! {Note to self: GO TO THE POST OFFICE AND POST THE DARN STUFF SIMONEY!!}
  • And Tammy's kids inspired me too, as they spent a summer day selling lemonade and making money  not for themselves, but for a children's hospital. Wow. Those are pretty great kids, right there.
 How to join in with my "Best in Blog" linky.
The "Best in Blog" Linky opens at 7am every Monday (NZ time*) and closes midnight Friday.
You don't have to write a special post, or take a photo on a theme or anything that requires extra work...
All you have to do is pick your favourite post from the past week (the one you are most proud of) and share it with us. I will feature my favourites on next week's Best in Blog.

Just one thing you need to do before you link up... Can you please dress your post with this pretty button I've made so your readers can find our linky too?

Best in Blog Linky

Thankyou kindly!

(Oh, and please leave us a comment telling us why you picked this one... even if it was because it was your only one, hahaha!)

*For some of you US readers, that will be sometime on Sunday!

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