13 June 2012


Today I notice the way my breath comes out in foggy clouds, this frosty winter's morning.
The blue of the sky as I cross the Harbour Bridge. I am swept along in a river of people-in-cars, all busily going somewhere.
I can't help but notice the way I am always late, no matter how hard I try. Someone forgets their schoolbag and I must turn around and take them home to fetch it. The Petrol Light comes on and I must get gas before crossing the Bridge (wouldn't want to run out there.)
I feel the way my heart skips and my breath catches at the sight of my city's skyline, reflected in the mirror of a perfectly calm sea.
There's something about cloudless Winter mornings. Fresh and crisp, full of possibilities and unsullied with mistakes (yet).

I drive along remembering my funny Scrag on another morning trip last week.
We slowed to let a pedestrian cross, an old man with flowing long grey hair, beard down to his waist.
"Look mum!" Scrag cries, "There's God!"

I still chuckle to think of it.

Thinking of Scrag, whose vocabulary is extensive, and who loves to sing at the top of his lungs.
Scrag who says the funniest things when he's upset; it's hard to keep a straight face.
Like last night.
"I wish I had powerful hands. If I had lightning in my hands I would go *woosh* like that to the whole entirey world and make them go away, so I could be an astronaut floating in space..."

Ah sweet Scrag.

I am noticing headaches. Every day. Morning and night. Awful skull-crushing headaches. Why?
I suspect the medicine, the one meant to help keep me calm. Perhaps it's time to change, reduce, wean off. Will I notice my headaches go away if I do? Hope so.
Last night, the worst headache in a while. Me, incapacitated, shutting the blinds, crawling into bed before six.
Noticing the way my hubby stepped up, cooked dinner, fed kids, read stories, put Scrag in bed.
Noticing the way my big kids slid into bed with me, snuggled up and went to sleep. Wanting to be close.
So very thankful.

And now. Sun streams in, sky still blue.
A beautiful day beckons me outside.
Let me finish my jobs and venture out. Take my camera. Keep noticing.
Who knows what I may discover?

What are you noticing lately?

{P.S. This has been Day Two of keeping my Eyes Wide Open, in an attempt to refire my creative juices. I'm simply writing what I see, notice, observe. Want to join me? Share your thoughts or a link to your post in the comments.}

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