04 May 2009

Broke Heart

My six year old son just had his heart broke for the first time. Yesterday he told his sister that his "girlfriend" (a girl in his class who last year said that he could marry her "if he wanted") had "broke hearts with him".
I have just come from giving him a snuggle and hearing all about it.

He's a sweet boy. He wrote her a "love" letter during the school holidays; made me post it and everything. He never heard anything from her. She never mentioned it to him once school was back.

I worried, was I wrong to post it even though he begged me to? (Mr G thinks I should have just pretended to post it). It was such a sweet letter, I photocopied it before I sent it. He told her she is "lovely and beutithol"...
He admired this little blondie for being pretty but also brave. He told me how she was winning the cross-country (sportiness also impresses him) but she fell over right near the finish line... and then got up and carried on, coming in third.

So anyway, Dash tried to sit next to the object of his affections and she didn't want him to. Then during Reading today he told her "I like you..."

....and she said, "I don't like you, you're not handsome. I like Henry* now."

Oh! The pain! My poor sweet boy! His first rejection! How would his fragile little male ego cope??? And how could she say he's not handsome??

"How did you feel when she said that, honey?" I asked him gently.

"Not good," he replied, "I felt very sad... But it's OK," he says. "I have another one..."
"Another one what...?"
"Another girlfriend. It's MaryAnn*. She used to play soccer... she said I'm handsome."

Oh, well then. That's OK! As long as your broke heart aint too smashed or anything, son! I guess he's gonna be alright!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

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Savvy-Motherhood said...

awe ... that is heartbreaking. The let down of some hussie little girl ...breaking your precious little boy's heart. We SHALL TIE HER UP WITH DUCT TAPE AND STICK CHICKEN FEATHERS UP HER NOSE! ok so I am a bit extreme. LOL

I DREAD a little hussie momma breaking my son's heart. God help her. LOL

L Mac said...

That is so sad! I ahve already decided no woman is good enough for my boys (joking!).

Sophie said...

Awwww bless his little heart.

EcoMum said...

That is hilarious, a spare girlfriend up his sleeve in case the other one doesn't work out! Don't let him get too comfortable with this concept!

Heartbroken Gran said...

The wee bairn!! I really felt it for him. Still,it didn't take him long to find another, thats my boy bless him.Granny Winnie xxx

Fiona said...

Looks pretty handsome to me!

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