22 May 2009

Groovy Disco, Baby!

My Princess is turning FIVE in July. She enrolled up at school the other day and starts school visits on June 11th (here she is on Monday, up at school).

This huge milestone brings to an end a long association with our local kindergarten. Dash started going there a month before his 3rd birthday, so for the last three and a half years I have been in and out of kindy nearly every day. But next term sees the end of that (for a while at least).

Pity it's only now that I'm in a position where I can finally start to get involved!

I finally put my hand up for something - helping with the annual Disco.

My good friend Linda is heading up the committee (she's great); and she managed to pull in lots of parent help; one mum is a real live DJ, and another dad has a great sound and lighting rig. I volunteered to help decorate, do the flyers and suggested a theme: Under the Sea.

Last night was the Big Event. Yesterday when we walked in after two typical kindy sessions (complete with glitter and playdough all over the floor) I couldn't have imagined that in the space of two short hours we could turn the place into a magical Underwater Disco Party.

The kindy kids had gone to work making gorgeous glittery fishies, mermaids and starfish. I had leftover pirate and sea-creature decorations (from Dash's 5th Birthday Party), and my friend Kelly went to town covering every door and window with blue cellophane and green streamers. There were colourful festoon lanterns, twinkling blue icicle lights and even a real disco ball. All the kids came dressed in theme: mermaids, pirates, sharks, octopii....
My Good Ole hubby consented to be Crazy Pirate Guy, using his piratey antics to get the kids up dancing; he was equipped with a treasure chest of spot prizes. Isn't he great? Mr G has no shame, just loads of fun (one of the things I love about him, he is so great with kids).

Scrag started out riding on daddy's back, but after a bit wanted to get down and join in the fun. I kept losing him in the crowd but after a few moments of panic, sure enough, there he was on the dance floor, wandering around and jiggling to the music. He's a little party animal!
Ahhhh, my only regret is that I didn't get involved sooner. I am brimming with ideas for the next disco... I'm thinking a Jungle Disco; we could hang vines everywhere and the kids could help construct lots of trees; they could learn about jungle animals and the rainforest and... ahhhh, but I won't be here. At least not for a few years until Scrag turns three.
It was so much fun and very satisfying working with those great kindy parents. I will miss them. But at least they will soon all be up at school too... and maybe I can put my hand up to help at school...?

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PaisleyJade said...

What great party theme ideas!

Deb said...

This sounds like so much fun. I love events where the kids and parents get to dance and enjoy each other's company. It reminds me of all of the weddings I used to go to with my parents when I was a little kid.

It's also great when the community comes together to create a special evening!

Rebecca said...

Awesome Simone...you're such an great party girl!!!!!!
yay for Rory too!

Sophie said...

You've found your niche Simoney! You are such an awesome party organiser!!!

EcoMum said...

Being on the kindy committee is fun eh. You would be such an asset to such a team Simone with all your wonderful creative ideas!

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