06 May 2010

Photo Scavengers

The afternoon began like any other when the kids arrived home at 3.30pm: snacks, TV, whingeing... At around 4.20pm I'd had enough. "That's it! Grab your jackets, put on your gumboots we're going out!"

A chorus of wails broke out, "Ohhhh but I'm too tired!" "I don't wanna go out! "I wanna watch TV!" You probably recognise the routine.
I decided to steal myself against their displeasure and pushed on.
"Get your bikes. Let's go. We're having a photo competition..."

Amidst much groaning and many complaints we made it out the door, with bikes, helmets and... the camera.
{Now, I thought I had spare charged-up batteries, I really did. Turns out I think they are stuffed, too old, past their best-before date. More on that later.}

Before we'd even gotten out the gate Scrag's finger got accidentally jammed by Miss Fab and the wailing escalated to a whole new level.

Man! Why do I bother???!! I thought to myself. I nearly caved in right there - but I had the inklings of a great blog post so I wiped tears, kissed ouchies and continued (LOL).

Here are the rules, I told them.
We are going on a hunt through our neighbourhood -  a Photo Scavenger Hunt.
You have to take five photos each. Here's what you have to find to photograph...

~ Something Beautiful

~ Something Small

~ Something Built

~ Something Green

~ Something Alive

Keep your eyes open. If you see something grab the camera and take your picture. I'll put your photos on my blog and get people to vote for their favourite. Sound like fun??? I asked hopefully.

Groans, some muttering... not too much enthusiasm really. I ignored that. We pushed on.

Once they got into it, they started to enjoy themselves and I was glad I'd persevered through their moaning (and ignored the fact I hadn't started dinner yet and it was nearly teatime. It was great to just break out.)

Three photos in - the batteries died. Never mind, I have spares, right??? Wrong. No juice in the spares. Argghhh! All of that trouble and the camera dies??

I took out the batteries swapped them over and tried again. Whew, the camera came back on and I left it turned on as a precaution. The kids managed to get most of the subjects on the list, but rather than post all of them, I've decided just to put up their two best photos each.

So my lovely friends, can you take a look at these works of photographic art below and leave me a comment voting for your favourite. The kids will be very excited to get feedback about their work!

Dash: Something Small

Miss Fab: Something Alive

Dash: Something Beautiful

Miss Fab: Something Beautiful

Leave me a comment if you would be interested in a Kids Photography Linky competition. Here's hoping - I think it could be fun...?

(...and even if you're not keen, please vote for your favourite one of the kid's photos! Ta.)

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PaisleyJade said...

Love the pics - especially the dog one and the sky one of Dash's. Well done guys!!

Love the idea of a photo mem for kids - I know at least one of my kids would be super keen!!

Unknown said...

Love it, my kids would love that game!
I like the sunset on the autumn day and the dog!
have more fun xx

Gail said...

What a cool idea - my only problem would be letting the kids use my camera :) I'd pull out the phone for them I think!

Rae Ann said...

I like Dash's flower. Great composition!

meg said...

love the dog the best

Anonymous said...

Dear Dash and Miss Fab,
First let me say, great names! Are you ever called them in real life? You are both such amazing photographers it is very hard to choose a favourite.
I like Dash's flower because I take lots of flower pictures and it is very hard to get so close to them, the picture is often fuzzy but yours was clear and beautiful.
I liked Miss Fab's dog picture because I love his expression. He looks very regal, a king of dogs. Can't you imagine him wearing a crown? Perhaps he is a secret member of the canine royal family. Under cover.
But I think my favourite is Dash's sunset because when I saw it I thought "Wow, it looks like heaven peeking through the clouds."
I hope you both take some more pictures for us to look at and my girls would love to join in next time.
love Trees x

Jen said...

what a great idea and good on you

Melinda said...

Great idea, Simoney! My teenage daughter LOVES taking pics.

Good for you for pressing on and making them do it. I find that when I don't give in to the moans and groans, we usually have a great time and make good memories.

Helen said...

I love this Simoney, well done! Isn't it hard to get out the door when you are all tired, but so worth it.
My favourite photo would have to be the sunset, I am a sucker for sunsets...then the flower would come next. It looks so awesome, real and fading. Great photography Guys!
Love Helen alias Driftwood Doodler

Anonymous said...

theres an award on my page for you.

KNB said...

I love this Simone. My daughter has her own photo blog where she posts pictures (with her explanations)--and I'm amazed by what she manages to capture with her little eyes.

Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

Is that your dog Simone? It looks almost exactly like out Zeke but Zeke's tail is docked! What a good lookin' dog!

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