25 May 2010

Today Tomorrow

Today I walked my children to school in the rain. It was Walking Bus Day. I was happy when the sun came out for the walk home.

Tomorrow I might take the car.

Today I made packed lunches for all my loved ones. The school kids first, a healthy lunch to help them learn. Then my husband... he got a special ham and cheese croissant in his because he works so hard for all of us. I even made one for the baby. He loves having his own box - makes him feel big (He had fun making a mess with it all over the floor). My family love their lunch boxes.

Tomorrow I will make them packed lunches again. It's one way I can show them I love them.

Today I put on dinner at 9.20am. I am using my new slow cooker. It's a big one and makes a lot. I love my new slow cooker. Yesterday I cooked chicken. Today I'm cooking beef. I think I'll make it into Shepherds Pie...

Tomorrow we might have leftovers, there's so much food.

Today my bed is unmade. I'm here on my computer instead. I have lots of things to do. After posting this, I need to upload photos to facebook, design a new header for winter (and one for Sophie), work on some more pages for my book...

Tomorrow I might still be working on that list. My bed might still be unmade.

Today I dyed my hair to cover the grey that keeps spreading. I used a different colour, one I haven't tried before. I think I hate it. It's too red; I like it darker... and browner.

Tomorrow I might dye it back.

That's me. What about you??

P.S. Today KidsClick closes. Tomorrow results will be posted :)

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PaisleyJade said...

I think your hair looks hot!! And - you guys have the coolest sheets on your bed... if I had start sheets I'd probably leave my bed unmade all day too!!!

Angela said...

I'm with PaisleyJade - I've only got online photos to go on...but I prefer the new colour to the old!

Anonymous said...

I am with you Simoney...loven the dark colour better..wish you could come down to Cats Cutting Corner for me to do your hair...I would leave the red as streaks and darken the rest...now THAT!!! would look HOT!!!!
love your funky rain boots
gotta have funky rain boots
do you guys get alot of rain in winter???

Jen said...

getting my slow cooker was a blessing I have never regretted :)
and I love how it can make enough for 2 nights

Anonymous said...

I love my slow cooker. And I've often wished we had a walking school bus here. It would come in handy next week when School Boy's chickenpox are gone and Preschool Girl's chickenpox starts. lol How did you fare with the wild weather? We had no flooding here.

Tylaine said...

I love my slow cooker.....need to use it more though :) That dish looks awesome! How sweet are you to your family.....boy I could sure learn some things from you :)
And I like your hair! :) Looks great.
I read your depression story. Thanks for sharing that. It's so nice to read such open and honest post. And I am guilty of looking at people and thinking they're "supermom" all the time. It's so nice with this blog world to read and know there's so many other moms out there with similar struggles and feelings. :) {HUGS}

Gail said...

Slow cookers: God's gift to the person in charge of getting dinner on... which is always me. I was being PC there - was gonna say God's gift to women. Said it anyway!

Sophie said...

Like the hair!!

KNB said...

Ah, a slow cooker! That's the next appliance on my wish list. Thoguh I should say my husband's wish list since he does most of the cooking (though I do all the school lunch packing--any ideas for what else to pop in the lunch besides a sandwich? My kids think I'm too repetitive...) The hair makes you look bright--I like it--but maybe you think it's too much?


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