25 July 2010

Wild West

A Spring day in the middle of winter, clear skies and warm breezes. A productively lazy day at home baking gluten-free cupcakes and painting murals... until Daddy says, Lets go to Piha in the Black Stallion!

Piha Beach on the wild west coast. Black sand, crashing waves, and sunsets: perfect for late afternoon walks alone on a windswept beach to the sound of the surf. Or if you like, for kicking a football til it's too dark to see. Or taking pictures of your kid if she'll let you.

The Black Stallion is Daddy's new pride and joy. A shiny fast car for work and hot dates, not family outings. What a treat for all those messy kids! Daddy says his car is called the Black Panther, but I like Black Stallion better. His old car was The Silver Bullet, our family wagon? The Silver Bomb.

Down rollercoaster roads we streak. I close my eyes and hold on tight. I think I'm going to barf. "But I'm only doing 40!" the Driver exclaims.

At last we have descended from the torturous goat-tracks they call roads in these parts. Ravenous, we go in search of food, only to discover all Cafes Closed. Nobody visits in Winter. We forgot. We thought it was Spring.

We head to the beach anyway as the sun sets; Scrag is already sleeping.

We kick the ball and take pictures while the light holds. (Do you like Dash's new haircut? he is proud of his "rat tail").

When it is too dark to see, we retreat to the Stallion and head back to civilisation, empty tummies rumbling.


Glad I brought my camera.

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LIESL said...

You were at Piha?!?!??!?!?!?!??!

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Wow, what an amazing place and I love the way you write about your day trip. You write with great pace and motion. I felt like I was there, driving up and down those roller-coaster roads!

Hope the gluten-free cupcakes are working out okay. I read your last post and really feel for you. Am glad your doctor was proactive in finding out what was causing the tummy aches. All the best x

Weza said...

Fun fun fun.
Loving the photos!
So what did you have for diiner?

Widge said...

sounds awesome! I loooove spontaneous outings! the best type ever :)
Looks like a gorgeous place too

Gail said...

Oh Piha, you make me feel 14 years old again. I must take the whanau out there.

Simoney said...

Oh Liesl! Duh!!! All that way and it never occurred to me to hunt you down and demand to use your loo!!! Shoot me. Just shoot me!

Sophie said...


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