21 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Moments

Olde Timey Family Portrait, taken at Dreamworld (now framed and hanging on our wall)

Sunset on Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Kirra Surf Club - a great place for dinner

MovieWorld: Voted Best World by Team G 

 A family of speed racers

 Merry Go Round

  Best Log Ride Ever

  Guaranteed to make you scream... and end up soaked through!

Hands off Catwoman!!! 

 Dreamworld: We never did manage to find our friends The Monks!! (but we still had fun)

What do bloggers do when waiting in a queue???
Take photos of everything, even the loo!

(well it is pretty fancy dontcha think??)

And when you get sick of the crowds and thrills of Theme Parks... you hit the beach.
Which is empty. Nobody there except you.
Why?? Because Queenslanders think 24oC is cold!! They break out their scarfs and woolly hats!!
(Great big Softies! Er sorry all my Queensland friends, but you don't know what cold is!!)

We think this guy is Super.

Oh go on there, just one more Theme Park, OK??? (we have the tickets so why not?)

  Look! Miss Fab is doing the pulling... and beating Dash! She is way strong, that girl!

Our Apartment. 180o Ocean Views from our wraparound balcony. Luxury!

After a tiring day having fun, what better than a bit of light reading... and an afternoon nap??

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Anonymous said...

what joy!
love these pics and everyone's smiles
I especially love the look on Dash's face standing beside...well away, but beside Cat Woman!!! lol
Oh my boys have been there!
thanks for the trip tour Simoney!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

love the top photo - i have one just like it that i treasure from my childhood.

count it all joy said...

How much fun can one family have?! These photos are gorgeous. Love your new look....do the petticoats slow you down though? That last photo is just delicious. Meredy xo.

Fiona said...

Rory looks like the cat who got the cream in the Olde Timey Family Portrait. Looks like you have had an amazing holiday!

alicia said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Love the western pic and the sunsets. You do such a lovely job of capturing moments. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Awwwww, fabulous! You sure are a great looking family who really know how to have fun!

Weza said...

It really does look like an amazing holiday. I love those old time pics.
What a fab family.xxx

Anonymous said...

love the family pic, worth waiting for it to down load to be sure!
and ps 24 degrees is PERFECT beach weather!!!

Bali villas said...

the apartment was fantastic..the destination remarkable..would love to visit this spot with family...

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Great pictures!

Love the first one. My husband and I have one of those from the summer we got engaged -- it's such a great memento!

Great blog!

banban said...

Wow I love all these photos, the old time one is way cool!
The wild west falls ride is the best!
So much fun.
Phoenix has and loves that superman t-shirt. I love all that kid stuff!!!

Jen said...

love the Olde Timey Family Portrait

looks like it was a neat holiday

i want some of that sun

Amy said...

the period piece is so much fun.

caravan park said...

None. But the closest "hollywood" theme park is in Queensland.

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