16 September 2010


You know last week in the middle of all the puking and diarrhoea, I felt anything but blessed.
Isn't it funny how something as "small" as sleepless nights and sickness can make us lose sight of the blessings?

OK. Not funny. More like annoying. Or crazy.

Because the whole time I was adrift on the tide of vomitousness, I still had a roof over my head (even though it felt like the walls were closing in), food on the table (for those who were well enough to eat), friends and family who care (even though most would prefer to steer clear of the germs, I was not alone because of technology).

I also actually have kids to be sick in the first place. Sometimes I forget what a miracle that is, in itself.
In the midst of complaining and nagging about dirty clothes strewn over the floor and sticky crumbs littering every surface, I can totally lose sight of the blessing of children.

Yesterday I went to see the movie "Mother and Child" with my friend Meg. It was very decadent, we agreed, to go to a movie during the day. But we justified it in our minds one way or another (yet another blessing) and off we went.

I hadn't heard anything about the movie and I had no expectations so I wasn't disappointed (neither was I blown away) but one particular scene was very moving. A young woman who had been desperate for children and unable to conceive had arranged an adoption... but {spoiler alert... skim this if you plan to see it} at the last minute the teenage mother changed her mind. The grief and pain was heart wrenching and palpable.

Baby Fab

And yet here I am with three children I could conceive and carry naturally. Three crazy noisy outrageous fun-loving clown children. I am truly blessed, and should never take that for granted.

I am also blessed with a husband. Yes, that is a blessing I shouldn't take for granted either. I waited many long lonely years for him.

And he's one of the good ones. He is loving kind and generous, a good father. Annoying at times. Bossy at times. But a genuine goodhearted man who always wants to give his best. I am blessed to have him.

Then there's the blessing of good health.
Ironic since I had a lingering head cold and sinusitis for four weeks followed by a week of puking. Good health?

YES. Nobody is dying. I have not been diagnosed with anything terminal or scary, and neither have my children. Backaches, headaches, colds and tummy bugs, a bit of gluten intolerance and depression thrown in?
Small potatoes. We have Friends who are facing scary illnesses, in themselves and their kids. So my minor ailments hardly rate a blip. I am counting my blessings and thankful for relatively good health.

I was blessed to grow up in a family where my parents loved each other. They are still in love and the best of friends, wonderful role models for us. I am blessed to have both my parents still living.

I don't want to take that for granted; I want to maximise the time we have together (mum and dad are coming to Auckland for the weekend. They are hoping to move here. Oh I would be the most blessed person to have them living close!)

We are blessed with enough for ourselves and some left over to be generous with. That is a blessing enjoyed by few in this world.

We are able to travel. I love to travel. It's a passion of mine and a dream come true. I am so blessed!

I have friends. Great friends. True Friends. Friends who encourage me, who help me out, who are honest with me. Friends who I can laugh and be myself with: what better than coffee or movies with a good friend or two? I am so blessed.

We have a home that we own. A beautiful home. The home of my dreams really, though it is no mansion.

I can create. I can see. I can hear. My legs work (though they may not be the size I'd wish).

I am blessed to live in a country where I am free. Free to walk around openly as a woman. Free to be myself. Free to follow my faith openly. Free to speak my mind. Free to raise my children in accordance with my conscience. Free from oppression.

Oh, our government is far from perfect, but really? Compared to some places?? We are blessed. We live in Paradise, really.

I am blessed with a faith that is real to me. A hard-won sought-after faith tried-by-fire. Not handed to me on a plate by the older generations. Sifted and sorted, questioned and clung to. My faith in a Real and Living God has seen me through my darkest hours. I have Hope. I have Purpose. I am truly blessed.

So many blessings. How can I list them all?

Really, when I stop to count my blessings the list could go on and on. I can focus on the "weeds" or the "flowers". Guess which one will make me feel happier?

I am truly a blessed person. In sickness or in health, still blessed.
Having a good day or a crappy one. Still blessed.

What are the blessings in your life, when you stop to think about them??

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Anonymous said...

love this!
You are INDEED Blessed...so good to reflect on that!
Thanks for sharing Simoney!

PaisleyJade said...

Sooooooooooo good Simone! I love the saying "Blessed to be a blessing".

Natasha in Oz said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!

God bless you!

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Thank you Simone. Thank you for reminding me to always be thankful, no matter what my circumstances.

alicia said...

Inspirational words. Yes, I have much to be grateful for as well... very well said.

Tylaine said...

So beautiful Simone. I so need to use this as my mantra. :) Love the pics.! (especially the one of your daughter is beyond precious!)

Losing Brownies said...

You are so right Simone! After reading this I looked over at my sleepy boy and watched him breath his delicate little breaths and I realize how true this post is. We are so blessed to be mothers and to have so much. Thank you for reminding us!

A Life Less Complicated said...

ok so this is the third time I've sat down to read this post since you wrote it (all of three hours ago!) and you are so right. I catch myself complaining of this and that but really what am I gaining? Shouldn't I be happy with what I have? I am certainly blessed

PS - I hope your parents do make the move. My Mum did not long after Elijah was born and she doesn't regret the move one bit :)

Leonie said...

Simone, this post is amazing and is speaking volumes to me. It is so true - every bit of it. I too am blessed, so blessed.

Neetz said...

Wow...great post! And oh so so so so so true! Some days I find myself constantly moaning and whining at the kids, and thinking "oh man...remember the single and free days".... and then I remember how blessed I was to be able to have these (annoying at times) kids... and like you...how blessed I am to have my own home, and hubby etc!!
Thank you again for the reminder, it's good to get a kick in the pants sometimes! ;)
You're awesome!

Widge said...

Man I wish I had your life!
haha just kidding
I'm blessed too. I know it.
Great post friend

Maude Lynn said...

It is so easy to take things for granted. Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings!

Sado said...

aw dats so sweet <3 you're absolutely right, we take things for granted too often

Tammy said...

We need to remind ourselves of these blessings...I loved reading yours!

Anonymous said...

hey you may feel even more blessed if you stop by my regular blog......you know that one where you can't leave comments, but I have generous giveaways?????

Melinda said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post, Simoney! I always love the way you write. I've been going through some tough stuff lately and it's hard to see beyond the difficulty sometime. You've inspired me today to focus on my blessings -- of which there are many. ;0)

Anonymous said...

hey S
just away for the weekend so I can not send out emails but can receive them...my reg blog is www.ourperspective.net
FYI there is a link to it on my "other" blog in the header
talk to you when I get back

Cyrene said...

I love this! This week is proving to be such a challenge and so I believe it's God's will that I am only able to read this post now - I am very encouraged. It's true - no matter how difficult our circumstances now, our family is still blessed and I have much to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminder. :)

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