11 September 2010

Look Who's Here!!!!

Sitting right next to me is.... Widge!!! We are having a great time!
Sometimes I have to pinch myself... Widge is kicking a soccer ball in the hall with Dash!!! (she was, honest)
Widge is setting my table with Miss Fab!!! She is taking out my recycling! And running a bath for Scrag!! (She is really earning her keep)

Widge is straightening her hair at my house... Eeeeeeehhhh! Unreal!
But mostly it just feels... normal. Like we've known each other for ever and are just FRIENDS.
So here to say hi to you all is... Widgey!!

Widgey on my computer!!!

WIDGE SPEAKING: Hi!!! aaaahhh!!! So excited to be here! SIMONEY is making ME a cup of tea in HER kitchen while I'm typing on HER computer. And so agree with her that this feels so incredibly NORMAL! 
I've had a few moments where I have stopped and thought to myself "WOW I'm here at the great fun for kids house....sleeping in Miss Fab's beautiful bedroom, gazing at all Simoney's amazing artwork, witnessing the ironed tea towels and YES the Nappy is still on the roof!!"

And Cat wants to know what Simoney is REALLY like......weeeellll.....
Seriously Lovely. Bubbly bright and super fun! Very very cool and I feel super blessed to be invited in to her home this weekend.AND her family is as normal (ha) as mine! ;)
I feel right at home. Auckland is HUGE. And you would never catch me driving here, but Simoney is what Gail and I refer to as an "adventurous driver" she takes turns no man takes...and she's awesome at it. Bestest tiki-tour taker-rounder ever!

SIMONE SPEAKING: Righto. So we have established that we are having a great time and that while it is WIERD and FREAKY in one sense it mostly just GREAT and strangely NORMAL (and that I am a most excellent driver...)

I can testify that Widge is very cool in person. And great company, easy to talk to. So if you were wondering... yep, she's cool.

We met up with Gail last night for bloggy coffee (and dessert yum yum) and we took Widgey on a tour of the city in the dark. She liked the pretty lights, eh Widge??? (YEP)And I took this really bad photo of the city for her. I blame the camera!

But we don't have many other photos to show you :( At least not on my miniature dinky little camera. You'll have to wait for Widge's post when she gets back home...

She took cool photos of stuff like the nappy on my roof (er, yes it's STILL there *blush*) and my kids on the couch in the background and my neatly ironed tea towels. Mmmmhmmm. Oh and some cool ones where we are riding Lions. Yeah.

But aside from all that, we have been too busy being in the moment and having fun to be the photo girls.
And now Mr G has a headached and wants to go to bed, and since the computer is here in my bedroom (with Widge sitting on my chair - eeeehhh!) then we better vacate and let him sleep.
So. Just to let you know.
Widge is here.
She is Cool.
And we are having FUN.
And being really really nerdy talking about blog stuff and html and Blogger-in-Draft and widgets and gadgets and making buttons and headers for fun and thinking of PaisleyJade while we do Origami in public.
We are soooo cool.

{And still feeling really bad for Poor Lyns and with the Swine Flu :(  Ohhh maaaaan. }

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Leslie said...

Widge IS cool. I hope Mr G's headache is gone. Probably a side effect of to many giggling girls. : )
Looks like bunches of fun.
Have a great weekend.

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Ha, ha, ha, what a pair! Sounds like the best weekend and lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just what you needed after the up-chuck saga! Glad you're both having fun!

Lyns said...

Sad for me...happy for you two x

Sarah Gauntlett said...

this great! kindred spirits!

alicia said...

So, to all the naysayers out there- bloggers CAN be real friends. Haha.

Anonymous said...

smile smile smile
thats all I got girls

love and light

: )

Weza said...

Hehe Widge cant help herself, once a Mum always a Mum, even with other peoples kids. I bet the vomit bug is well behind you now. So glad you guys got to go out with Gail too. Looks like a fun weekend. Im thinking and official down under blog camp might be in order. I want to meet so many of these awesome women. Including Widge.

Losing Brownies said...

I'm glad you are having such a great time!

Losing Brownies said...

Oh, I've also left you something on my blog!


Gail said...

Ha!! Two thoughts: Ironed tea-towels NOT NORMAL!
Adventurous driver..... that's just being kind Widgey. Kind. The swear word inside my head almost made it out into the open when she did that CRAZY turn into the NO TURN road in parnell.

You forgot to mention the radio...... seriously Simone.

Diane said...

Fun shots and fun times by all those smiles! :O)

Unknown said...

So So So So So much fun!!!! You all must be having a blast! I'm looking forward to reading Widge's post too!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Too cool you guys, too cool! And I'm liking the idea of the bloggie down under camp too :-)

PaisleyJade said...

I am grinning and laughing while I read (my oldest boy even came over to see what I was laughing about!). So exciting for you guys - loving your pics and writing (that top photo is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!).

I do hope you girls took some pics of you doing origami in public to add to my craft nerd pics!!! haha.


Sammy said...

Yay for Widge! And I got to meet her too! Felt like I was meetng a celebrity! And she's TINY! A wee thing.
Simoney, send me the pics from this morning please and get onto that button (whip cracking in background, haha!)

Widge said...

and now it's over :(. This weekend was amazing! Thankyou SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wonderful family XOXO

Neetz said...

Awwww that sounds like an awesome awesome weekend!!! :) Great when you meet people you just "click" with huh?
Awesomeness xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes she is awesome.
I thought that the very first day I met her.
She can remember weird stuff... like what you were wearing that day.
Ask her.
So glad you guys had fun....
more than fun...

Sophie said...

Teee hee you funny things! :)

Catching the Magic said...

Awww what a fab time you've had! Just what you needed after the week you've just been through too! I have met up with a few bloggers and it's great. Of course you'd be very welcome to stop by if you came to Wellington! Hope you're having a better week x thanks for your kind words of support last week, Sarah

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