24 September 2010

Loving... NOT Loving (but mostly LOVING)

Loving The Undercover Bloggers. And having so many keen contributors. And the possibility of buying cheap-as specs online, and knowing where to visit in Wellington and Northland... Loving the way the site is coming together. Loving that anybody can undercover blog. You don't have to be a blogger already, did you know? Teenagers can undercover blog. Grannies can undercover blog. Even people overseas can rave about the great places to see in their hometown... because we all know that Kiwis are tremendous travellers. Love that.

Also loving this littlest undercover blogger. She wanted to dress up like mama.

Loving the kids making their own lunches. And getting good at it. And coming homewith empty boxes and full tummies. This yummy GF sandwich was made this morning by my six-year old daughter all by herself. Isn't she clever?

Loving going Gluten Free. It's been too easy! Loving that I feel less bloaty, my tummy seems smaller (even hubby noticed) and my weight doesn't seem to fluctuate by at least a kilo between morning and night. Loving that even with The Crimson Tide in full flood I seem to have lost a kilo already. (Not loving The Crimson Tide. Never loving that).

Loving little reminders of Grace. Like this post on Cat's new blog, a letter to herself. All I can say is wow. And this one on Adventures in Extreme Parenthood. Reminding me that I need to let God in. Thanks girls for reminding me of Grace this week. Loving that Grace never runs out, even for a slacker like me.

Loving playdates. Yes, you heard me right. I'm loving having my kids friends over to play. Loving meeting more neighbours and hooking up our kids. Loving having a houseful. Loving playing Jungle Buzz with my son's mates (and letting them think they whipped me).

Loving having neighbourhood kids so close for last-minute "lets play" dates. Reminds me of the good-ole days when I was a kid and we roamed free. Loving that my kids can just walk around the corner to find a friend or two. Loving the kid who ran home last night in bare feet. Totally loving all the laughter. (Not so much loving the mess left behind but I can live with it).

Loving Foozball. Loving having it in the house, not the garage. Loving playing it with this guy - and almost beating him. I think he was impressed at his old mama. Gotta love that.

Not loving hearing that he has been up to his old "class clown" tricks. He'd been doing so much better for a while, but the lure of the laughs has waylaid him again.

Not loving having to listen to his lovely teacher tell me how disappointed he is in my kid's attitude, always seeking cheap laughs and not knowing when to stop. And how my guy disrupted the whole science lesson with talk of certain "gasses" to get a laugh. Oh dear.

But I was loving the note he wrote to apologise (after some prompting from me). Saying sorry for  his "behaviyar" and promising to "never ever do it agin." I should hope not.

Loving this guy and his big-boy lunchbox. Loving the way he tidily stacks up what he doesn't want. So fastidious. So cute. Man I just love this kid!

Loving looking forward to a night out with friends for dinner at a restaurant tomorrow night.

Loving getting a babysitter and dressing up fancy (not loving having nothing to wear!!!) But at least loving that I've got a new "do" (yep, still loving that too). Loving that we're going to share a ride with our mates from round the corner. Tee hee. We'll be giggling like teenagers. Love that.

So really, there's a whole lot I am loving lately. And not much that I'm not. It's been a good week.
How about you?

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Losing Brownies said...

I'm loving this entry! :o)

I'm so glad that the GF diet is going so well!

Anonymous said...

loven' this post Simoney!
kids making their own lunches
kids playing with friend
mamma and her new hot hair cut going out
(shocked to see my own face, but got over it)
loved Sunday's post
love that you are feeling goo on the gluten free diet...haven't heard form you whether you are into doing the SUGAR SHOCK CHALLENGE with me....infact I haven't hear from ANYONE!!! THinking maybe people are hiding away form me!

Have a great Friday night!
love and light

Cheryl Smith said...

I love these photos, the moments caught in time. And the sandwiches made by kids themselves. Good stuff.

alicia said...

So glad to hear things are good for the most part and that the gluten free thing is going well. It's been a doozy for me, but I tried to find the good in the midst of it. We are now contending with a bout of the stomach bug. Maybe it made it's way here from your place?

Gail said...

Do we have to dress up fancy for dinner? I will see you around the corner 'cause we are sharing the same babysitter! Will be a good night - looking forward to it too!

Great loving list chick! I'm loving that the school holidays are now here and we can take it slow in the mornings for a couple of weeks! Yay to that!

P.S. oh dear re: class clown. Don't be too hard on him - someone needs to have the job and he obviously really enjoys it!xx

Tammy said...

I am loving your post! :) I love that we also have playdates every day afterschool (as long as there is no rain) with neighbors as friends. There is 12 total on our street and all of them play great...ages being 4 to 10!

Weza said...

Wow great sandwich. Can I have one please? And also loving that the gluten free thing is working out for you. Well done.
Enjoy your night out. Im heading out for dinner tonight with the hubby... JUST US! So looking forward to it.

PaisleyJade said...

Awesome list - Cat looks amazing in her pic doesn't she!!

Still loving your new doo and cracking up at "crimson tide" - love that!! We must be in sync being blogging sisters and all - I now have a new code name!! haha

Unknown said...

I loved this post. Its all about the LOVING and even the things that you don't love (like the crimson tide...UGH!) you don't let them bring you down.
Thank you for sharing the link to my recent post about walking close with God...my prayer is that it will touch many people. Thanks to you it may touch some halfway around the world! That is awesome.

banban said...

I do love your new do too!!!

I'm loving your kids, they make me smile. xx

FranticMommy said...

Love this post! Your photos are awesome too :)
Popping by from Blog FRog!

Anonymous said...

Very much love this post!
-And all of the pictures you share :)

Jen said...

LOVE the photos and UnderCover Bloggers is a neat site

hope you enjoy your dinner out :)

Holly Lefevre said...

Loving this a lot. A good reminder to stop and think about all the things that there is to love all around.

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