07 May 2009

I Need Peace!

What I crave most in my life is Peace. Generally life is noisy and busy and there are endless demands and cries of "Mummeeeee...?!" But especially lately with my heightened sensitivity to noise; all I want is stillness, calm, soothing tones and soft music, perhaps the odd bird chirping or some rain on the roof. You get my drift.

Recently I felt compelled to find that place of peace. I put on some Christian music and sat on my window seat with my art book and some pens, something I haven't done in far too long.

I started doodling to the music, just writing the words that stuck out to me from the songs that were playing. I wrote them pretty, made them fancy. I coloured bits in and let the music sink into me.

I breathed deeply and felt a sense of that warm stillness start to settle over me.

My husband walked in and commented on the lovely atmosphere of peace that was thick and tangible in the room.

A few days later I came across a random Psalm where the writer talked about longing for God. I thought to myself, I can't really relate to that.
Probably because when I picture “longing for God”, I get a feeling of anxiety and strain. I remember sitting in an empty room and squeezing my eyes shut, trying really hard to connect with God by thinking of inspiring stuff. Remembering the brain strain, I am repelled.

But then, a thought hit me like a flash... actually my longing for peace is really a longing for God. I just never realized it.

When I am craving stillness, calmness, tranquility (oh how few and far between those moments are!) it's actually something deep inside me hankering for the peace I find in those moments when His presence fills my room as my music plays and I doodle while drinking coffee in the sunshine.

That deep breath, that sense of contentment and "I'm-ok-ness", that's His presence. I have been longing for it for so long. I just didn't realize it.
All of a sudden I get it.

And I want more...

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Rebecca said...

Love your drawings too!

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful drawings... and I have been longing for that same thing too lately. Love your post.

Cluttered Brain said...

Beautiful drawings AND I also love the peace and quiet. Too bad most of the time I only get it when the kids R sleeping.:)

Gail said...

After Jill's exhibition last night, I am totally going to lock myself away and let that flow happen! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since you dropped me off! A sign, one thinks!

Tammy said...

Simone, my dear kindred spirit, I believe that if we all sought more moments of such quiet, thoughtful solitude, we'd realize that we're not alone at all. His presence permeates all things. I'm followin' ya.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya! Following from MBC.

Screamin' Mama said...

So beautifully put...I will have to remember that the next time I am overwhelmed by the chaos. Thanks so much I reminding me of what I have forgotten.

Sophie said...

Beautiful Simoney.

amy in peru said...

oh yes. very much true.


I've read something that your post reminds me of. I should go and look it up... but I am opposed to that much brain strain at bedtime ;)

amy in peru

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