31 May 2010

KidsClick "YUCK" Extended


OK, I know you're all busy. Me too!
And organising kids to take photos of yucky things can be very time consuming...
I get that!

So I am extending KidsClick for another week. To give you time.
To get the kids taking yucky photos and posting them and linking up...
Cos I know you want to!

I know you've said you're gonna do it!
So you have another week.
And from now on KidsClick will have a two-week window. Does that make it easier?

I hope so. So carry on being busy. Keep your camera close. And hand it to your kids if you spot something disgusting.

Last weeks' winners, Aiden and Jay, will pick a favourite each (so two winners will be chosen, plus two for honourable mention).

  1. Photos can be cropped but not edited in other ways.
  2. Kids must be aged younger than 15 years old.
  3. Please indicate your child's age along with their photo, e.g. "Taken by Bobby, age 6" etc
  4. If more than one of your kids wants to join in, that's great. Just make sure you label your photos so we know whose is who!
  5. Link up to your KidsClick post, not just your blog (so we can find it easily)
  6. Leave me a comment letting me know you've linked up!


I love the idea of getting kids out taking photos and learning to be better photo-takers. Not that I'm any expert, but still.

The problem with kidsclick at the moment is that only kids whose mummies BLOG can join. And even my own kids can't join in because I'd be linking up to my blog!

SO... I've started KidsClick's own site: http://kidsclickfun.com/

Now your kids can join in even if you don't blog. Just email me their entries and I will post them on the KidsClick site and link them up for you! greatfun4kids@live.com

Also I plan to ask some really talented mummy photographers I know to become contributors, and share their tips with you and your kids on how to take better pictures. Gee I hope this takes off!
Now ANYONE can join in so spread the word.

Competition extended! You have until TUESDAY AFTERNOON 8th JUNE to link up.

Get clicking kids! Find us something really yucky!

Then link up here....

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A Life Less Complicated said...

Yes! Two weeks is perfect - time seemed to slip away last week so I'll get Elijah onto that sometime today :) Thanks for extending it!

PaisleyJade said...

Yay - that's a great idea! My kids are super keen but inbetween school/homework and busy weekends etc this week just slipped by. Thanks!!

Widge said...

cool. My main reason is I still can't figure how to upload pics from my camera to the computer album without goosemans help. sad i know. just. can't. do. it.

Tylaine said...

Cute idea! I'm kinda hesitant to let my kids use my camera but I might try it :)
Hey I left you something on my blog :)

A Life Less Complicated said...

WelL I don't know why Elijah thinks our garden is yuck - messy yes, yuck not really, but that's what he chose to enter hehe - certainly not a pooey nappy, so glad I haven't had to deal with them for a while

Simoney said...

I am amazed at all the GREAT yucky photos the kids have taken this week!! Remeber our competition closes TONIGHT, so if you planned on joining in, don't forget to link up or email me your entries :)

Anonymous said...

we just need a little bit more time! We'll have it there by 7pm tonight! :) (Gotta wait for our builder to leave. :) )

Anonymous said...

We compromised. (submitted "Yuck" by O, age 6) LOL although I'm not sure I want his version of "yuck" up on the internet, seeing as it's what the bottom of my oven and the floor in front of it looks like right now. I swear it doesn't always look like that!! Honest!

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