07 May 2010

Loving... NOT Loving: Little Things

It's the little things that can get you down. Or the little things that make all the difference.

Here's some little things that I am loving this week (and a few I'm not).

This Badge.
Worn on Dash's jacket, as he headed off to school this morning. I just had to snap a pic to show you. It made me smile, and I'm wondering what his teacher will make of it?!!

This Little Man.
Always precious. More especially so when he is sick (as he has been for the past two days).
He's been feverish and off his food, just not himself. It's usually his little smile that lights up my days. (But it's the little amount of sleep I got last night that I'm not loving - which is why I am still sitting here in my PJ's blogging while he sleeps, with the dishes undone and beds unmade. Sigh.)

These Little Life Savers.
My Earplugs. They have been called into service again lately.  Small but powerful, they save me from the worst of the Witching Hour (5.00-6.00pm when all mayhem seems to break loose as we attempt to feed our Little Piggies).

These Little Muffins.
I "whipped up" a batch of delicious mini-muffins yesterday. They were so good, they are gone already. Soooo good (and soooo easy!)

Berry and White Chocolate Mini-Muffins.

1 egg
1/4 cup oil

1/2 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup frozen berries
2 handfuls of white chocolate buttons, roughly chopped
4 teaspoons baking powder
2 cups plain flour

Beat together egg, oil, sugar and milk. Scatter in berries and choc chips, Stir. Add sifted flour and baking powder. Mix just enough to combine. Spoon into lined mini-muffin pans and bake at 180oC for 15 minutes or until golden and firm. Dust with icing sugar and gobble down for afternoon tea with your hungry little munchkins while enjoying scintillating stories about their days.

I'll be making those again.

Little Reminders.

I was glad I came across NieNie's moving video clip posted on Laura's lovely blog post this morning.

It made me stop and think about the little things I am grateful for. (I'm not a Mormon but I totally hear her heart and her love for Jesus.)

What are you loving/not loving at the moment?

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Meg said...

Wow such a beautiful video.

PaisleyJade said...

That badge is a crack up - and yep... so moved by that clip when I watched it last night.

Anonymous said...

I love that video
I love the God transcends religion and is there for everyone..they just need to reach out and open the door
That is what I love today
and everyday

thanks Simoney
thanks for posting the video

KNB said...

Oh yes, the little things are what save us, don't they? My little guy was home sick today with the hives--saucer sized hives all over his body. I called him my little leopard all day long and so sweet, he stuck to my side.


Holly Lefevre said...

That button cracks me up! At our ridiculous American school, a kid would get sent home for that...kids were sent home the other day for wearing patriotic apparel on Cinco De Mayo.

Those muffins make my mouth water! Just copied the recipe! I'm hungry!

Lizzie said...

A little bit of everything post, thanks, it was lovely.
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Love the badge. Was anything said at school? OMG, those muffins look awesome!

Genevieve Richer said...

“Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest” And can I just say, YUM!!!!!!

Angela said...

Winner post! I've been following Nienie since the accident...she rocks my world. So thrilled to see you've run into her.

hpretty said...

Ok so those muffins look so good i'm going to go against my anti baking anti craft mother self and make these this week.Now that's serious!
just one question - do you have to line the baking tin with those paper cup thingies?
see, i told u i was a novice!


Anonymous said...

The muffin look awesome! Earplugs what a great idea! Stopping from SITS!

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