03 May 2010

Mr Sensitive

People who know my husband might laugh hysterically if I said that he is sensitive. Mr G is well-known for his up-front-ness, his talent for boldness, his ability to speak his mind. He's not really the sort who goes around tip-toeing.

He is the most honest person I know. He may stomp on feelings with his bluntness from time to time, but he would never turn around and stick a knife in your back (so to speak). He is not two-faced, he isn't a fake or pretend-nice. What you see is what you get. And he's always the first person to apologise. If he knows he's said or done the wrong thing, he'll always man-up and make peace. And he really does care about people. So I say, in that way - he is sensitive.

As coach of our son's football team, it's a tough balancing act. He doesn't want to appear to be favouring our Dash when it comes to handing out trophies. But neither does he want to overlook our boy's achievements.

It was just such a quandry that Coach Dad found himself in, on Saturday. The team played great in their second ever match, coming away with another win, 2-0. Dash scored a great goal and set up another one with an awesome cross.

But there were other great efforts being made as well. The defense was solid and the other team never even looked like scoring. Player of the Day was hard to call.

In the end Mr G decided he'd give the award to an outstanding defender... but knowing how hard our boy had played, Coach Dad warned him of his decision before-hand.

Dash swallowed the news in silence. There were no outbursts or displays of temper from him. Just silence. Silence in the car on the way home. Silence as he sloped off to his room and shut the door. His disappointment was thick in the air, yet he held it together.

Friends called in for morning tea after the match, and while we were all sitting around Mr G called Dash into the lounge, who stood there with his head hanging down.

Then Coach Dad made this announcement: "Today was a tough call. I really wanted to give my son the trophy for Player of the Day, but the other lad just edged him out. However, in recognition of his excellent play, awesome effort and great attitude, I want to present this Award to.... Dash!"

From behind his back Coach Dad pulled out a little gold plastic trophy and presented it to his now-beaming son.

I have no idea where he got it from. All I know is that his act of acknowledgement (in front of our visitors) made a world of difference to that kid, who skipped off happily to play - his disappointment erased in a moment.

When Coach Dad went to tuck in our little football star last night, he found the little gold trophy clutched in his fist. Precious.

See what I mean? Sensitive.

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Anonymous said...

OMGOSH that is the BEST story ever...I actually had tears in my eyes
I loved everything about it...Mr. G how Dash responded and Again Mr. G
I just loved this story
thanks for sharing Simoney
you have reason to be proud of both your men!

Gail said...

Go Mr G. That is cool. Wayyyyyy cool.

Jen said...

bless him :)

Angela said...

Ditto; "Bless".

hope said...

I love that!

Sophie said...

Awww, sooo important! Love that he was still clutching it that night!

Fiona said...

I'm teary too!
Sounds like Mr G and I have alot in common - does he also have an intense sense of fairness/justice?
You do soooo well the catch the moments on camera, Simone. I'm sure it's not only committment to the recording of the story, but also making memories of the everyday events and actions of those around you. You're a sweetie!

Sammy said...

He is very sensitive and that's one of the things we love about him. He just doesn't shy away from confrontation and that's a good thing too. You only have to see how he reacts when he's said the wrong thing (remember Taupo and L at dinner last year?)
He's a great guy and a great Daddy!

banban said...

Now that's a great Daddy!!!!

PaisleyJade said...

What a cool Dad - very thoughtful... I was wondering how on earth he was going to sort that situation out and he did!!!

Julia said...

Isnt it neat to see what our children can do to our men?

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