25 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday: One Misty Morning

Yesterday morning we awoke to fog.
I liked the look of the eerie streetlight through the mist.
So I did what any good blogger would do. I grabbed my camera, threw on my fluffy robe and slipped out to snap some pics.

Usually huge piles of junk are not heaped up along our street.
But its Inorganic Collection time. Which means we clear out our garages and throw out our crap.
That's when the trucks arrive. Or the vans. The cars with trailers.
People poking about in the heaps of broken cast-offs; they dig about for... all kind of things.
Bits of wood. Old TV's. Broken toys. Even a mouldy old baby-seat was lifted by some "upcyclers" in the middle of the night.

Sometime this week the Council will come and pick it all up. In the meantime trucks keep stopping and people keep treasure-hunting. Its to be expected, I guess.

But I didn't expect to find this guy on a Vespa poking about in my neighbour's rubbish pile, early on a misty Monday morning...

Looking professional. So kitted-out. The gloves, the day-glo  jacket. The pokey-grippy-grabby stick.
Surprised, I snapped his picture.
Surprised at the snap, he looked up. And froze.
Our eyes locked as we both stood there.
Me in my fluffy robe and slippers oddly wielding a camera.
Him in his day-glo Vespa-gear oddly wielding a grabby-stick.

Then he grinned.
And got on his scooter, buzzing off into the mist.

I wonder what he was looking for...?

{OK I apologise for my use of a few words on my Wordless Wednesday post... but if you know me you'll know that this WAS pretty Wordless by comparison!}

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Sima J said...

Bahaha the thought of the Vespa guy and you made me laugh out loud!

Unknown said...

He was wielding the tools of his passion of choice while you were wielding yours. Interesting contrast, don't you think?

Unsolicitedious Rebugger said...

Lovely misty picture but you & the Vespa locking eyes....that was a laugh out loud moment! I can just imagine it! Hope he found some treasure. I remember seeing the Auckland junk collection day when we were last up there - it was an odd sight to behold!

Lyns said...

I see trucks, vans, wagons, trailers collecting 'treasures' but am wondering what a Vespa Man was going to be able to stash on his vehicle...not an old couch anyways x

alicia said...

lol. You are so funny!

Widge said...

Haha I'm with Abby. Was gonna say maybe he was out searching for a wacky blog lady to snap his picture! ;) you are funny. And Awesome

PaisleyJade said...

haha - awkward moment! So funny - and loving that top pic.

Anonymous said...

love a good misty morning

love and light

Simoney said...

Just checking if I can post comments on here cos I am having trouble signing in/posting comments on others' blogs

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I can just imagine that feeling of you've both been 'snapped' (literally LOL!) Totally awkward moment, retold so beautifully!

carol l mckenna said...

I think it is great ~ that you were motivated to take pics in the fog! You are motivating me~ I live in New England and we have Fog for a week! Sun finally came out today ~ ^_^ ~ Visiting from Blog Frog ^_^

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