19 May 2011

Gratefully Loving Stuff

This little person makes me feel grateful every day. Grateful I am his mummy. Grateful he is my Scrag.

Every day I am loving him to pieces as I moochy-kiss his sweet cheeks and squish him in a huggie-huggie.

Each morning he squeezes in between us, waving Buzz Lightyear and calling "Good Morning mama! Good morning Daddy!" The sun shines in his dimply smile, even when its still dark.
Within minutes he is joined by a lanky brother and the competition begins.
"My hot mama!" "No my hot mama!"
Grateful indeed my boys love to snuggle me. Loving them much.

And when Scrag says, "Mama, I'na get mawwied a you!" well.... *smile*

Grateful that Autumn has finally decided to arrive.
I was getting worried. Here we are nearly Winter and my confused Hibiscus is still in bloom. The leaves were still green on the trees and worse, even my spring bulbs are so muddled they've started springing up early. So thanks, Autumn, for finally showing your face. I've been looking forward to your vibrant colours and crunchy leaves.

Loving the idea of a warm fire. A cosy bed. A good book or two.

Loving our nutty cat. Laughing like crazy when we discover where she goes to hide from the noise. Cat on a hot tin roof? More like cat on the neighbours roof! There she sits, gazing over the horizon, enjoying her peace. And how does she know we're looking at her? This cat is crazy. She must be. She adopted us remember?

And what happens when I set the table and yell that dinner's ready? Who is the only person to come running? Dave, that's who. Dave, our crazy female cat. Love that nutty moggy and her fluffy silly ways. She fits right in.

Loving the pull that Buzz Lightyear has. Space Rangers can get people to do anything. Hoping that this time some bribery might see the end to pullups and changing pooey backsides in our house at last.

Loving Saturday morning football, and a rainbow overhead.

Loving that this guy gets to shine. Loving his new team and grateful for their warm welcome. Loving that they rave about our boy and tell us what lovely manners he has, what a great footballer he is, that he could go all the way. We think so too.

Loving our football club around the corner and Saturday afternoon prizegiving. Grateful for a wonderful community. And No Smoking in bars and restaurants. Loving that we look around the room and see faces we know from over the road, down the street, across the fence. I love where I live.

Loving blue-tongued girls and cans of Sprite. Grateful that this time I didn't get one sprayed over me by an energetic pre-teen who was soundly scolded by his mortified mother..

Grateful that though I am facing a challenge or two I am surrounded by people I love. I have sweet cheeks to kiss and warm wriggling bodies to snuggle. I have books to read and eyes to see. A roof over my head and a nice warm bed.

{Joining in with PaisleyJade and Maxabella Loves.}

What are you loving/grateful for lately??

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PaisleyJade said...

Always loving your lists and beautiful pics Simoney!! xoxo

Sophie said...

All nice and snuggling down for a rugged up winter :)

Anonymous said...

love the cozy bed for two!
these are wonderful things Simoney
wonderful things
my heart feels warm

love and light

Kerri said...

I'm loving this post! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love Dave. He's so cool. (As are you!)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh check out your special children, what a great football club too, rainbows & everything here today, love Posie

Renee said...

Great pics - love that you call your female cat Dave haha!

Plus your bed space looks totally cosy - I think I need to recosy-fy my bed space again now it's so chilly!

jacksta said...

lovely mix of pix ♥

Maxabella said...

Such a gorgeous list of lovely, Simoney. You haven't linked yet, but I found you anyway!! x

Renee said...

Wow! Lots to be loving this week :D

Love a good dimply smile...*heart melts* and also loving your bedside table lamp *drool*!!! Even though it wasn't one of the loving things for this week ;)

Martha said...

love your photographs!! this is a lovely post! I might try it sometime soon!
cheers! :)

Dean said...

Hello. I'm following you from a Follow and Ping Me Club. Please return the favor. Thank you!

Mrs M said...

what a gorgeous blog, so many things to be grateful for. And you take gorgeous photos too by the way.

Naturally Carol said...

Wow! That's a long list of 'gratefuls' today and some lovely pictures of cosiness and family as well!

Maggie S. said...

Grateful that your autumn is now. It's my favorite! Grateful that I discovered your blog.

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