02 January 2013

Happy New Year (better late than never)

I could do the usual and say, Wow I can't believe it, another year over a new one just begun...
But the lazy summer haze has got the better of me and all I can really do is share these photos with you of our new year celebration....

As Gail said on FaceBook: "We saw the New year in Quietly. Ha."
(Of course it's never quiet when four families get together with all their multitudinous kids. And you add in some "Mo-et", Sangria and fireworks...)

I never called it a party. I didn't fling the net wide, scared of a little rain and being stuck in the house with gazillion screaming kids and a ringing headache. As it turned out, the evening was clear, warm and almost windless. The kids roamed free, climbing trees, kicking balls, wrestling...

The grownups were very civilised and convivial, all of us past the baby stage.
None of us having to get up and change bottoms or wipe noses. Yay for us!
Most of the kids made it to midnight. And for once all the grownups did too (well done Gail)

And without even a countdown (our watches were obviously running late cos the fireworks started all over the neighbourhood while Mr g was in the middle of a speech)... 2013 arrived.

I have good things hoped for this year. More of the inner housekeeping, which has been tough-but-rewarding this year. And I will also start in on the middle age spread. I won't bore you with my resolutions. (Yet another 40-something housewife vowing to lose weight and get fit).

I don't even have a Word for the Year.
(Since last year's word "JUSTDOIT" was such a raving success. not.)

My last baby goes to school this year. In April.
My biggest one has his last year at primary school. 
Already we have had "talks" about "puberty".
A Father-Son Big Weekend is planned for later this month.

 But apart from that, no major earthquakes are planned in my world.
I am not planning to shut down my blog (like so many others have decided to do. Sniff.)
I am not going to start a new career (that I know of).
I just want to do this year better than last year.
I want to build on the ground we made, the foundation we laid last year with our blood, sweat and tears.

Get closer as a family. Shout less. Enjoy life more.
Hang out with the people we love. And those we love to hang out with.
Have more BBQ's. More parties. More movie nights.
Be more of who I really am. Accept others more easily. Get upset less easily.
Play more games. Listen to new music. Paint more.
Connect with God and His World.
Dance a little. Swim.
Walk faster and further.
Maybe even RUN.

And maybe cross a few things off my bucket list.

Happy new year to you, my lovely readers, whoever and wherever you are reading this.
May this year bring blessings as well as challenges, and may you find at the end of it that the dreams you sowed in tears have been reaped with songs of joy.

Love from

(P.S. The blog will be a little dormant for the next week or so. The beach beckons. See you soon with a bunch of New Year Adventures. In the meantime, explore some of my Pages...)
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Max said...

That looks like a fab party! Happy new year to you x

PaisleyJade said...

Happy New Year! Love this post.xoxo

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