29 May 2010

Young Artist Redesigns Blog!

Have you noticed my new blog design?? Wondering who the artist is??

Here she is... our very own Miss Fabulous!

I "commissioned" some artwork for a new header... and I think she's done brilliantly.

I cut and pasted it all together in Photoshop and made new icons for my sidebar. I figured out how to get transparent backgrounds - a mystery that has eluded me for many frustrating years. Wahoo!

I've also simplified everything and changed back to two columns, so I can make my photos nice and big.

The template is from the new Blogger in Draft Template Designer... very easy to use and customise. I know I will continue to play around with it until I get it just right, but I am very pleased with my little artist and my bright, fun, fresh new blog design.

Thankyou Miss Fab. You truly are FAB. And very clever.

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous Simone! You might start a new trend here in blogger!

Anonymous said...

wow! great idea, great design - I agree, I think you will start a trend too!

Gail said...

How cool!!! Miss Fab has done a fabulous job!! Great idea Simone (the-one-who-is-full-of-great-ideas!)

A Life Less Complicated said...

Wow this is just gorgeous! How clever you both are - I can see it becoming a trend also

I use blogger in draft but I haven't been brave enough to try the template designer hence my very plain blog

Jen said...

Miss Fabulous has done an awesome job
wonder what her pay will be???

I like her use of colours

Widge said...

So cute!! it really fits with your theme/title too. great drawing Miss Fab!

PaisleyJade said...

I am sooo impressed!! Your blog looks amazing and those pictures are excellent! (like Widge said they go perfectly with your blog theme).

Well done Miss Fab - you have really done such a great job!

CraftyMummy said...

What a cute idea! But I won't let my Little Miss see it or she'll want to redo mine ;)

Tylaine said...

That's awesome. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh god this is just so very lovely. For once i'm wishing i had creative little girls to design my blg, rather than little terror-inducing boys who are currently batting me around the head.
so j-e-a-l-o-u-s.


Anonymous said...

awesome blog design...she's really talented^^ It's looks great.


meg said...

Looks wicked Simoney, even when viewed from cold old Christchurch! Think I'd better go and put some slippers on! See you next week.

Anonymous said...

love love love!!!
Miss Fab!!! Talented little girl, very very nice
Love that Mamma used your beautiful art for her blog so we can ALL enjoy your lovely drawings
and Mamma you are so clever yourself!!!
i just do not have the patience to figure those things out...
Loven' this new look Ladies!

Rae Ann said...

VERY cute! What a great idea!

S and family said...

This is brilliant! I am not brave enough yet to try it, but now you've ignited the spark!
When I first got to your page, I thought I was in the wrong place, but like someone else wrote, the new look is perfect for your blog. Well done!

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